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4 Best Dough Sheeter Reviews in 2021 with Buying Guide

Are you planning to open a pizza outlet or a restaurant? As you may already know, having the right tools makes a huge difference.

Dough is one of the main precursors for a broad array of food items, going from cakes and pizza to tortillas and cookies and crackers. As such, the way you prepare dough matters.

With the best dough sheeter, you can easily roll dough to the right thickness for the intended purpose. This versatile machine makes it possible to achieve consistent thickness and allows you to work quickly.

Before you get a pizza dough spreader, realize there are numerous sellers on the market, each promising to offer the finest quality. Predictably, many of them don’t keep that promise.

The purpose of this article is to point you in the right direction. I am going to introduce to you the top-rated dough sheeters for commercial use, including one that you can use at home.

Let’s get started.



Editor's Rating


Pastaline Maxy Sfogly NSF Electric Dough Sheeter

5 out of 5

Chef Prosentials 16inch Electric Dough Sheeter

5 out of 5

Omcan 42154 Dough Sheeters

4.5 out of 5

INTSUPERMAI Comercial Dough Sheeter

4 out of 5

Our Recommended Best Dough Sheeter in 2021

1. Pastaline Maxy Sfogly NSF Electric Dough Sheeter

Seeking a machine that will effortlessly transform your dough into thin, consistent sheets? The Pastaline Maxy Sfogly NSF Electric Dough Sheeter is a unit you may want to check out.

Do you know makes this unit the best dough sheeter? It processes any kind of dough or mixture into thin, even sheets as small as 0.5 millimeters.

By passing your dough through this beast just a few times, you’re able to come up with the perfect coating for your cupcakes, biscuits, or any other pastries you may be making.

I attribute the efficiency to the unit’s double rollers. These have a length of 18 inches and a diameter of 2.4 inches.

The Pastaline Maxy Sfogly is an electric unit with a 1/2 hp motor. The machine uses 110v 60hz power.

If you’re looking for a cheap dough sheeter that is suitable for home use, then you probably need one with a compact design.

Measuring about 22 by 12 by 11 inches, the unit is small enough to fit on a regular table or counter in the kitchen. Moreover, the machine’s handles as retractable, which boosts the ease of handling.

This sheeter’s 60-pound weight is also manageable for most home users.

When searching for a tool such as this one, the construction is a factor you shouldn’t ignore. Thankfully, the Pastaline Maxy Sfogly features a high-quality metal build that assures flawless operation and durability.

At the lower end, the machine has four rubber-covered feet that help keep it upright. The position is great as it allows you to work while standing up.

If you want a sheeter that can model marzipan and chocolates, and puff and shortcrust pastry, and that can process sweet icings, go for the Pastaline Maxy Sfogly.

Highlighted features:

  • High-quality steel build with enamel coating.
  • Electric – uses a ½ hp motor.
  • Compact design – suitable for home use.
  • Has two rollers to enhance results – just a few passes flatten the dough well.
  • 18 inches maximum dough sheet width.
  • Flattens dough into thin, uniform sheets of up to 5 mm.

2. Chef Prosentials 16inch Electric Dough Sheeter

Do you run or own a restaurant and you’re looking for the right commercial pizza dough roller? I’m going to tell you about the Chef Prosentials 16inch Electric Dough Sheeter, which is especially popular among Italian restaurants.

This unit excels in the creation of dough for dumplings, pasta, bakery buns, or pizza. As long as the dough you plan to utilize has a flour to water ratio of 2:1, this machine will work well.

One of the most amazing things about the sheeter is that it gives a lot of versatility. For instance, you can use it with a horizontal entrance, vertical entrance, or a single roller. The entry points, which are both vertical and tilt varieties, include 18, 15, and 12-inch.

That means you can make pizzas with a diameter of up to 18 inches depending on the model you choose.

Another versatile feature is that the machine allows you to set your preferred dough thickness. You do that by simply adjusting the handball.

Of the considerations you should make before purchasing a sheeter, construction is one of the most important. Thankfully, the Chef Prosentials is crafted from heavy-duty, food-grade materials.

The body is stainless steel, implying the internal parts are well-protected. On the other hand, the rollers are made of resin that’s designed to maintain food-grade standards, meaning it is food-safe.

Apart from being strong and resilient to pressure and rust, the stainless steel body resists moisture effectively, which might be vital in certain settings.

While talking about the unit’s construction, we cannot ignore the strength of its motor. With a wattage of 370, the motor is robust and able to deliver the power needed to move the rollers and keep them working efficiently and reliably on a continuous module.

Ever experienced or heard of a sheeter that ran too hot or burned out following a high-quantity batch run? That happens to low-quality sheeters as they lack the required protection.

But the Chef Prosentials has a dedicated overload protection, which regulates its power and avoids problems with temperature after high-quantity batches.

Highlighted features:

  • Large and heavy (123.5 pounds) machine suited for commercial use.
  • Robust 370W motor – supplies great levels of power.
  • Has overload protection to prevent overheating or burning out.
  • 3 pizza sizes – 12, 15, and 18 inches.
  • Adjustable dough thickness – 0.5 to 5.5 mm.
  • Versatile entrance choices – horizontal, vertical, or single roller.
  • Durable build – stainless steel body and food-grade resin for the rollers.

3. Omcan 42154 Commercial Pizza Dough Roller

Another unit fit for a hotel or restaurant is the Omcan 42154 Dough Sheeter. This one is composed of a table, a pushing lever, a cut regulator, and a motor and roller.

Most of the parts of this machine are made of stainless steel. That is why the unit is so strong and resistant to elements. If you want a sheeter that will last and not get attacked by rust, this one will be a good choice.

In fact, when you purchase the machine, you get a one-year parts and labor warranty. That’s to show how much faith Omcan has in its product.

The machine has a long conveyer belt that runs the dough through the rollers. To have your dough flattened, you simply place it on the belt.

I like the belt’s speed, which is 18 meters per minute. For the dough, this speed is ideal. Though you can’t adjust the speed, you can change the belt’s tightness by tightening or loosening the nuts at the ends.

On one side, the machine has a lever. This is what you use to control the conveyor belt’s direction.

The Omcan sheeter is electrical. It uses a ½ hp motor that needs 220 V, 60 Hz power. The motor is pretty powerful, delivering 124 rolls per minute.

One thing I love about this machine is that it can make quite wide dough sheets. The maximum dough sheet width is 20.5 inches.

I also like the fact that you can adjust the dough thickness between 1 and 35 mm. This versatility gives you the freedom to prepare dough for a wide range of uses, going from pizzas and tortillas to crackers and cookies.

Highlighted features:

  • Huge and heavy (275.6 pounds) – ideal for commercial use.
  • Stainless steel construction for performance and durability.
  • Uses a ½ hp motor with 220 V / 60 Hz power requirements.
  • 18 meters per minute belt speed and 124 rolls per minute roller speed.
  • Max dough width – 20.5 inches.
  • 1 to 35 mm dough thickness.
  • Overload protection for preventing overheating.
  • Emergency stop button.

4. INTSUPERMAI Comercial Dough Sheeter

Looking to automate the dough rolling process and speed things up a bit in your restaurant or hotel? Consider getting the INTSUPERMAI Comercial Dough Sheeter.

This is a large commercial pizza dough roller that works for all kinds of dough.

The machine weighs in at 500 pounds, meaning it is quite heavy. But do you know the amazing thing? At the bottom, the unit has four wheels, so moving it from place to place is a cinch.

Besides, although the needed working area is big, the unit is foldable to reduce the required storage space.

I like how the wheels are lockable, allowing you to operate without worrying about the machine moving.

Apart from being big, this unit features a high-quality build. In that regard, the machine is made of stainless steel and iron painted with lacquer. Iron is a sturdy material and the lacquer paint helps prevent it from rusting. As you’ll find out if you go ahead with the purchase, the body is easy to clean.

When shopping sheeter, it is vital to consider its conformity to healthy standards. With the INTSUPERMAI Sheeter, your dough only comes into contact with stainless steel, which means it doesn’t touch anything that can add toxic substances to it.

The biggest joy of owning this sheeter is the level of freedom it offers. With a simple push of a lever, you can adjust the thickness of the dough between 0.04 and 1.5 inches.

Another freedom you get to enjoy is to drive the conveyor belt forward or backward. Choosing the direction is as simple as just flipping a switch.

Without a doubt, the motor is one of the crucial parts of an electric sheeter. Fortunately, this machine’s motor is robust and highly efficient. The 1 hp motor uses 220V 50Hz.

Highlighted features:

  • Made of high-quality materials – stainless steel and lacquer-painted iron.
  • 19.7 inches maximum dough width.
  • Robust motor – 1 hp 220V 50Hz motor.
  • 500 pounds heavy but has wheels for easy mobility.
  • Lockable wheels for stable working.
  • Adjustable dough thickness – 0.04 to 1.5 inches.
  • Required packing – 64.96 by 33.46 by 39.76 inches.

Comparison Table of Top Dough Sheeter


Size in inches (L x W x H)

Weight (pounds)


Standalone or table-top

Maximum width (inches)

Thickness range (mm)

Pastaline Maxy Sfogly NSF

22 x 12 x 11


Steel build with enamel coating



0.5 to 10

Chef Prosentials 16inch

20.9 x 20.9 x 25.6


Stainless steel



0.5 to 5.5

Omcan 42154 

35 x 85 x 25.6


Stainless steel



1 to 35


64.96 x 33.46 x 39.76


Stainless steel and lacquer-painted iron



1.01 to 38.1

Dough Sheeter Buying Guide

For most flour-baked food items, including cookies, tortillas, cakes, pizza, and bread, dough is the major precursor. With that in mind, it is good to consider the dough’s preparation process. When the dough is prepared properly, there’s a good chance the final results will be great, and the vice-versa is also true.

One way you can ensure the process goes on smoothly is to get the best dough sheeter. In other words, a machine built to roll the dough nicely and deliver sheets that have a proper and consistent thickness.

To ensure you get such a unit, here are the factors to consider.

1. Build Quality

Your dough sheeter’s performance and durability highly rely on how it is made. Moreover, if you want a machine that you can use daily and for long hours, its build quality will matter.

Sheeters can be made of a variety of materials from iron and steel to hard plastic and wood.

While plastic and wood are cheap and affordable, they just aren’t suited for constant use, and they don’t last.

A solidly constructed sheeter made of stainless steel is your best bet if you want a high-performance unit that will last. Stainless steel is not only strong but also resilient against rust and chemicals.

Another great advantage of stainless steel is that it offers food safety. When your dough only comes into contact with stainless steel, you’re guaranteed that no toxic substances will be added to it.

While buying, you may want to check the warranty offered. A good warranty is a sign that the manufacturer is confident in their machine’s build quality.

2. Variable Speed

Depending on the type of dough you’re rolling, you might need to start with a high speed. But as the dough thins, the speed may need to be reduced so the dough doesn’t break.

But you cannot reduce the speed unless your machine has a variable speed setting, can you?

There are two main types of speed when it comes to sheeters – that of the roller, and that of the belt. If one of these is variable, that will be a huge plus for you.

That said, variable speed setting is not a must-have. Variable speed is great, but if you’re on a budget, you can do without it.

3. Ease of use

An easy to use model is always desirable. With it, you can accomplish more work with less effort. But what factors determine how easy it is to use a sheeter?

Firstly, there is power. An electric unit is much easier to use than a manual one. You don’t need much elbow grease to operate an electric sheeter, as the roller/belt uses electric power.

Again, look at the controls. A model that uses switches and buttons is easier to use than one that you have to control by manually moving levers.

Some units come with an LCD panel to make things even easier. Though such a feature attracts a greater initial coat, it helps you calibrate the settings effortlessly and speeds things up.

4. Power Usage

If you’re running a pizzaoutlet or a restaurant, the sheeter will likely be running for long hours. Depending on the machine’s specs, the power usage will be up to a certain level.

As a clever business person, you ought to keep tabs on the machine’s power expenses. Before purchasing the unit, look at its power needs. Firstly, look at the required power input. Usually, these machines need 110v or 220v power that is 50 or 60 Hz.

Also, look at the motor’s horsepower rating. The higher it is, the more energy it will use. For instance, a 1 hp motor will use more power than a ½ hp motor.

When looking at the power input, keep in mind that the greater the input, the higher the output will be. For instance, you cannot expect a ½ hp motor to function as efficiently as a 1 hp motor. The latter is more powerful and thus capable of more productivity than the former.

5. Dough Handling Capacity

How much dough you can roll at a time is a huge consideration when purchasing a sheeter.

If you’re only looking for a dough sheeter for home use, a small capacity of only a few pounds will be okay. On the other hand, if you’re getting it for commercial use, you might need more than just a few pounds. Go for a unit that can handle a lot of dough, so batches can be completed efficiently.

Apart from the amount of dough supported, think about the width of the dough sheets. The maximum width you can achieve will depend on the width of the roller and the table or belt over which the dough will be spread.

Note – a longer table/conveyer belt will allow you to make longer sheets of dough.

6. Size and Weight

Sheeters come in different sizes and designs. You need to consider the suitability of the size or design you’re about to purchase. Crucially, ask yourself if it will fit the available space in your home or business premises.

Usually, a table top dough roller is more suited for home use as it takes less space. On the other hand, a standalone model that comes with its own table will consume more space.

Look at the dimensions of the model you’re interested in. You want to get the exact length, width, and height dimensions. That way, you will know if it fits your working and storage space.

Check also the weight of the device. This is a crucial factor with regard to portability. A 500-pound heavy unit is more fit as a fixed machine whose position will not be changed. Conversely, a small dough sheeter weighing in at 60 pounds can be moved now and again.

Common Questions and Answer

Do I need a dough sheeter?

A dough sheeter is one of the most useful appliances you can own as a pastry lover. With it, you can effortlessly roll dough into the thickness you want. The greatest perks you get to enjoy include speed and evenness.

What is the difference between a reversible and non-reversible dough sheeter?

A dough sheeter’s rollers can roll in one direction, say forward, or in both directions, say forward and backward.

The former is called non-reversible while the latter is called reversible. When a sheeter is reversible, it gives you more freedom and convenience when rolling the dough.

Which one is better between a tabletop dough roller and a standalone model?

A table-top model is smaller and has a shorter basement than a standalone unit. This allows it to be placed on and operated from the top of a table or counter. Because of its design, this model handles a lower dough capacity than the standalone sheeter. Hence, it is more suited for home use or smaller restaurants.

A standalone model comes with its stand. It is larger and it consumes more space than a counter-top sheeter. If you want to achieve very high productivity levels, this is the option for you.

How do I keep the dough from breaking when using a sheeter?

When the dough doesn’t have enough water, it might crack or break when you run it through the sheeter. You can apply a light layer of moisture to boost the tackiness and prevent the dough from breaking.

Another effective trick is to reduce the speed of the rolls as the dough sheet flattens out. But you can only apply this method if your sheeter has variable speed.

Final Word

If you’re on a mission to secure proper tools for your kitchen or food business at home, getting the best dough sheeter is a step in the right direction.

With this machine, you won’t have to struggle to get your dough to the correct thickness for different uses.

Simply place your dough on or in it, set the thickness you want, and run the dough through the rollers. A few passes and you will have a dough sheet that is ready for baking/cooking.

When looking for the right sheeter, be sure to look at the size. Remember, a huge size is more suited for business use than home use.

Again, look for features such as adjustable thickness, the width limit, the material that the unit is made of, and the rest of the considerations that I talked about in the buying guide.

I am positive that with the dough sheeter reviews above, you’ll make a great choice.

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