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Commercial Leasing Solutions

Stop the Madness & Take Advantage of Our 0% Interest Lease

When you PARTNER with US, you gain access to our Zero percent interest program. No interest for 36 months, write 100% of the payment off, purchase the product at the of your term, trade it in or tell US to take it away.

Best of all it’s free! US Fitness is not a lender but has partnered with a leading finance company to provide you with the most competitive rate – 0% for 36 months.

Even if your business is too young to qualify for financing, don’t worry, we will work with you to get the necessary financing. To get an idea of your leasing costs, us the leasing calculator on this page.

Get an instant equipment financing quote today by filling out the form below and to the right. Once completed, you will be directed to a more formal form to fill out. We will also contact you to discuss within 2 business days.

  • End-of-life Trade-In Program
  • Return PMA Visits at No Charge
  • Protect Your Investment Through Regular Maintenance
  • Protect Yourself from Liability

For businesses large & small, equipment leasing is fast becoming the preferred method of financing. Nearly 80% of all US companies lease some or all of their equipment. Why? Because the flexibility of a lease purchase plan allows them to have the most effective operation possible, from both a financial & operational standpoint. For example, with our 0% interest, 36-month operating lease – your payment can be written off 100% each month!

Conserve Working Capital

  • Maximize your cash flow
  • Lower monthly payments mean more cash & lines of credit open for future growth
  • Know exactly what your monthly equipment expenses are

Tax Benefits

  • Accelerated tax benefits are structured based on your needs
  • True tax lease – Monthly payments may be deductible during the life of the lease
  • Section 179 – 100% of the equipment may be deductible in the year that it’s acquired

Easy Equipment Upgrades

  • Protects against technological obsolescence with equipment upgrades
  • Allows you to acquire more and/or higher-end equipment
  • Equipment can be purchased or returned to lessor at the end of the lease
  • Upgrade without having to manage disposal and other burdens

Flexible Financing Options

  • Custom terms available to meet your individual needs
  • FMV leases, $1 buyout leases, 10% purchase option leases
  • Seasonal payments
  • Reduced or step-up payments
  • No payments for 90 days
  • Start-up leases
  • Learning curve leases

Contact the USF Commercial Team Today!

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