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Ribbon Mixer Gardner Range

The Ribbon Mixer is designed for consistent, homogenous batch or continuous blending of powders and granules. It’s performance varies from gentle blending, to high intensity mixing.

The Ribbon Mixing machine is a very popular choice of mixer, due to the wide range of powders and bulk solids it is capable of handling. It offers versatile mixing capabilities, as well as highly scalable mixing, thereby creating a more efficient process.

How Ribbon Mixers Work

Our Ribbon Mixer will process free-flowing material within a U-shaped trough. A horizontal agitator moves the material in a highly-balanced axial and radial flow pattern; ensuring mixed consistency and a high level of precision. The range from Kemutec consists of models for either continuous or batch mixing.

Why Choose Gardner Mixers

With our 150+ years of experience in powder blending and mixing applications, users of Gardner Ribbon Mixers, benefit from an extensive range of highly engineered machines.

Designed to ensure quick, repeatable mixing, Gardner Mixers are easy to clean, with minimal maintenance and longevity of performance. Customised on a project-by-project basis, Kemutec Mixers are able to effectively meet individual process requirements.

For improved efficiency, they feature a robust Helix Ribbon Agitator, in addition to an optional Cantilevered Shaft; providing the most hygienic standards of handling.

With flexibility in mind, these Mixers also allow the ability to coat material with a liquid addition, which is useful for the production of soups or cake mix.

Additional Product Information

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Features and Benefits

  • Batch or continuous mixing models
  • Range from 35L to 20,000L
  • Capacity per hr for continuous mixing is up to 20,000L from 50L
  • High-efficiency single helix ribbon agitator
  • Short-aspect ratio mixing troughs available for rapid mixing
  • Hygienic cantilevered shaft models form part of the range; providing the most hygienic handling
  • Low energy consumption mixing


Gardner Mixers can be customised and adapted to suit the varying demands of individual applications.

Design Options Include:

  • Choice of mixing trough shapes – U-shaped or circular
  • External jackets on the mixer trough for heating or cooling the mixer contents
  • Pressure and vacuum capable vessels for drying, heating, cooling and sterilizing applications
  • Liquid addition facilities including pressure spraying, atomizing and gravity sparge pipe.
  • Cantilever shaft, with no non-drive end bearing or seal
  • Range of various materials of construction

Batch Mixing verse Continuous Mixing

At Kemutec, we can help you decide whether you need a batch mixer or continuous. The decision requires a careful understanding of various factors, such as capacity/volume of material, recipe formulation, space available etc.

In batch operation, all ingredients are loaded into the Ribbon Mixing machine together or in specified sequence. They are mixed until a homogenous material is produced and discharged as one complete mixture.

Alternatively, in a continuous mixer the ingredients are continuously fed into the mixer, by a loss-in-weight feeder, still in-line with the formulation. The mixing takes place as the material travels through to the discharge point, from where it is continuously discharged.

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Gardner Horizontal Batch Ribbon Mixers are designed for the rapid and efficient blending of powders and granular materials. They are available in two product ranges.

With batch process mixing, all ingredients are loaded into it together or in specified sequence. The material is mixed until a homogenous blend is produced and discharged as one complete mixture.

L-Series U-Tough

Small and compact batch Ribbon Mixers featuring:

  • Model range from 35L to 400L
  • Compact design
  • Full-length opening top lid for ease of maximum access, when filling or emptying
  • Easily removable agitator
  • Interrupted spiral agitator
  • Large range of outlet valves available

HE-Series U-Trough

Most efficient batch Ribbon Mixers available, featuring:

  • Features ensure that minor ingredients are dispersed homogeneously without the need to pre-mix
  • Unique short-aspect ratio mixer trough
  • Range from 100L to 20,000L
  • High-efficiency “double helix” agitator with only 6 mixing blades
  • Large top cover for ease of access
  • Low-energy mixing
  • Ideal for sticky powders

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Gardner Continuous Ribbon Mixers are custom designed and built to meet the demands of individual process needs.

In a continuous mixer, the formulated ingredients are continuously fed into the machine, typically by a loss-in-weight feeder. The mixing takes place as the material travels through to the discharge point, from where it is continuously discharged.

Typical features include:

  • Suited to continuous processes
  • Range from 50L to 20,000L per hour
  • Long aspect ratios of 4:1 or more
  • Interrupted spiral ribbon agitator
  • Adjustable ‘weir-plate’ overflow outlet
  • Total discharge valve fitted to trough
  • Large access doors

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Gardner Mixers are the workhorse of the powder mixing and blending industries. They can be used in the Food, Chemical, and Pharmaceutical Industries.

Typical applications include:

  • General dry powder mixing
  • Liquid addition with powders
  • Drying of moist or damp powders
  • Live storage of sticky powders
  • Granulation of Powders

In addition to Food, the HE-Series U-Trough Mixer specifically, is also a very good solution for batch mixing Pet Food.

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