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  • The drills ease of maintenance due to simple components and sturdy construction is a major advantage. Staying operational is of the utmost importance in the contract drilling business which makes the Gill Beetle drill the right choice.
    Dan ThomasDrill Management, Inc.
  • The low cost of ownership is a key factor for us. The Gill Beetle drill exceeds all production requirements with minimal down time compared to similar drill models from other manufacturers.
    Randy MayMine Drilling

Latest News

  • Gill Rock Drill Company Inc. will be supplying Sandvik’s comprehensive range of boom drills, rock tools and full aftermarket support for customers in the states located in New Jersey and counties of Maryland, Virginia and Eastern Pennsylvania, effective from June 20, 2020. Gill Rock Drill Co., Inc., based in Lebanon, PA, is a family owned […]
  • Drilling rigs are at the foundation of every mining operation, tunnel, water well, and major construction project. Used to penetrate the Earth’s surface, there are various drilling rigs available to suit any specific environmental need. Most drill rigs and associated equipment are portable, to some degree. They may be one man operations or require an […]
  • Gill Beetle Drill, manufactured by Gill Rock Drill, is a simple, sturdy drill that can be designed for any type of drilling operation including rock quarry drilling, construction drilling, and geothermal drilling. Founded in 1915 by Fred A. Gill, Gill Rock Drill’s mission is to satisfy the needs of customers by providing high quality equipment, […]
  • Rely on Gill Rock Drill Company For Dependable In-House And On-Site Repair And Service! Does your enterprise perform drilling operations with some frequency? If so, you appreciate the importance of obtaining dependable service and maintenance for your equipment! Unplanned “down time” costs companies in this industry thousands (and even tens of thousands) of dollars. When […]
  • Geothermal energy is becoming an ever more popular alternative to traditional energy sources. That is why companies such as Gill Rock Drill company are ensuring that consumers have access to the many rigs and drilling equipment necessary to integrate such a system into their own home or business. The benefits of using this state of […]
  • Gill Rock Drill Company, Inc. supplies businesses and entrepreneurs with excellent lines of rock drilling heavy equipment. Our sturdy, well-built Gill Beetle Drill assists customers in a variety of industries. Whether your business focuses on mining, construction, excavating or drilling water wells, you’ll discover useful applications for this custom engineered machine! Tailoring Products
  • Trusted By Drill Companies In The US For all of your drilling needs, Gill Rock Drill Company is here to provide professional and reliable technical expertise. We offer contract drilling, service, and rentals for all of your drilling projects. Get contract drilling with our highly skilled and professionally trained drill crew, or rent premium drilling […]
  • Gill Rock Drill Company is a full service fabricating, machining, and assembly shop providing custom manufactured drill pipe, adapters, and drilling tools, as well as tool joint rethreading and repairs. We also provide engineering and technical services to custom design drilling tools to your specific needs. Some of of the products we manufacture include;   […]
  • Whether it be contract drilling, rentals, service, or support, you can always rely on Gill Rock Drill Company to provide training and technical expertise. Gill Rock Drill Company is a full service manufacturer and distributor of drilling equipment, tools and supplies, such as our water well drill!   In addition to the full line of […]
  • When it comes to using a blast hole drill, you’re going to need to have the best equipment available on the market. At Gill Rock Drill Company, we are our own supplier and manufacturer, and only provide the best tools and equipment for our customers, which include our blast hole drill.   For the perfect […]
  • Grill Rock Drill Company is a major distributor of drilling tools and supplies. Rotary and cable, down the hole and top hammer, we sell, service, and repair all types of drilling tools and supplies.   All of our construction drilling rigs are of high-performance, advanced, and are ideal for multiple applications, which include construction drilling, […]
  • Gill Rock Drill is proud to announce Kevin Bender as their 2014 Employee of the Year. Kevin began his full time position as Supervisor of Beetle Production in 1993 and one year later was named the Employee of the Year in 1994. Kevin demonstrated his ability to trouble shoot the hydraulic and electrical systems, he […]
  • For Randy May, owning a blast hole drilling company has been a dream come true. Randy, coowner of the recently formed Mine Drilling Services of Clearfield, PA, has a long history working with drillers and blasters in the quarry industry. It was not however, until he formed a partnership with long time business associate and […]
  • The rock-hungry Gill Beetle morphs into an even better drill for today’s budget-conscious contractor Ed Gill and his daughter, Debbie. Rock drills come in all shapes and sizes. But Ed Gill and his family-owned business, Gill Rock Drill in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, continues to focus attention to a drill that has stood the test of time […]
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