grain cleaner machine cleaning wheat,soybean,sorghum,corn

vibrating type grain cleaner machine can screen wheat seed,soybean,corn,peanut,sorghum,the grain screening machine is used to remove heavy foreign impurity like stone, metallic and glass pieces etc. from wheat, paddy, corn, sesame etc , according to material weight difference.this grain cleaner machine adopt vibration electric engineering as vibration source, having the characteristics that vibration amplitude can adjustable and move organization more reasonable, hard enduring.Grain screener machine consists of machine rack, sieves, motor, which has wide applications,the wheat cleaning machine is suitable to kinds of grains such as wheat, corn, bean, peanut and so on, sieves will be changed when process different grains.the soybean cleaning machine is easy to dismantle, small space, low power consumption, maintenance simple, high efficiency of stone removing and width range etc.The pebble selector can separate beans, seeds or grains which are same dimension but different weight according to material gravity principle.The sorghum cleaner machine is primarily used in the elimination of heavy impurities such as stones, metallic particles, branches, fragmentized seeds, sands and so on from raw materials. Stones can be removed automatically through specific pipeline.


Advantages of grain cleaner machine

1. The grain cleaner machine is equipped with air spray wind equipment; which makes sure the milled rice is clean, with less bran, low temperature, and the white and the chaff can be separated automatically.
2. Grain screening machine can use single and three phases which can meet different clients need, the rate of screen can reach 98%. It can remove dust, stone etc which from grain and oil seeds
3. This grain cleaning machine included Hopper, Fan, fan pipe, drive system and frame. Frame system included four whole which can move easily. Screen and frame system adopt separator structure, so that can change different screen.

specification of grain cleaning machine

Model VTSC500 VTSC1000 VTSC2000
Capacity (kg/h) 500 1000 2000
Screen mesh (mm) According to the grain
Power (kw) 2.2 3 3
Overall Weight (kg) 65 120 180
Overall Dimension(mm) 900*650*500 1100*650*600 1200*850*800

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