How to choose the fabric core of the conveyor belts?

How to choose the fabric core of the conveyor belts?

Today let’s talk about something about how to choose the fabric core of the conveyor belts.

The rubber conveyor belts are consist of three parts: core, carcass and cover. The core is made of one or more fabric layers, it is designed to transmit the force that exerted on the belt; the core must absorb the impact on the belt. Warp is the lengthwise direction,weft is the transverse direction. The fabric core may have the same or different materials in the warp and weft. The warp is given a letter E that means polyester in the warp. The weft is given a letter P that means ployamide.

Usually there are three kinds of core materials: CC EP and NN. lanJian rubber belts advice the customers choose EP for the following reasons:

Polyester(E) is a kind of synthetic chemical fibers such as terylene, trevira, and teoron. Polyester fabric are unaffected by moisture and micro-organisms. They are very flexible, have low elongation and acid-resistant.

Polyamid(P) is also a kind of synthetic chemical fibres such as nylon, perlon, have more or less the same properties as ployester although not as low elongation.

Ployester-polyamid(EP)the EP fabric has polyester in the warp and polyamide in the weft. This combination provides optimal benefits in the textile.such as low elongation, high impact-resistant, high strength, very flexible.

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