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Hydraulic Drilling Machine with Diesel Compressor

Diesel Air Compressor for Drilling Rig

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Air Compressor
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The towable diesel air compressor is the main part that provides airpower for the hydraulic drilling machine, mainly to provide certain air pressure to the drilling machine. This requires that the air compressor must have the ability to work continuously, and the equipment must be easy to maintain, which can meet the requirements of field construction operations.Sollant selects domestic and foreign famous brand diesel engines such as Cummins and Yuchai, which meet the national II emission requirements, strong power, and low fuel consumption.

Humanized design, need to maintain the parts within the range of maintenance, maintenance of air filter, oil filter, fuel tank, battery, and oil-cooler, easy and convenient, reduce the downtime. Easy to move, in bad terrain conditions can still move flexibly. Each compressor is equipped with a lifting ring for safe and convenient lifting and transportation.

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Sollant ’s diesel air compressors are designed to ensure product safety, facilitate movement, and increase hydraulic drilling machine productivity, which can meet your various drilling needs.Sollant adopts the third-generation 5:6 large-diameter rotor design. The main engine and the diesel engine are directly connected through a high-elastic coupling without a speed-increasing gear. The speed of the main engine is the same as that of the diesel engine and the transmission effects achieved a higher rate, better reliability, longer life.

Microcomputer intelligent monitoring air compressor exhaust pressure, exhaust temperature, diesel engine speed, oil pressure, water temperature, oil tank level, and other operating parameters, with automatic alarm and shutdown protection function.Multi-stage air filter, suitable for dust environment; Multistage fuel filter, suitable for domestic oil quality status; Super large oil-water cooler, suitable for high temperature, especially high altitude, and other harsh environments.

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Sollant’s portable air compressor are designed to be durable, and highly reliable

  • High Reliability, fewer compressor parts, without wearing parts, so it is reliable, long life
  • Durable, its sturdy structure can be used for a long time in the harshest working environment
  • It is easy to transport and can follow the well drilling rig to various construction sites.
  • Wide-open door design ensures wide operating space, convenient maintenance, saving time
  • OEM and customization services provided

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Perfect Coordination Between Hydraulic Drilling machine and Diesel Portable Air Compressor

There are different types of water well drilling, and one of them is hydraulic drilling. This kind of drilling machine works using the hydraulic mechanism. Usually, hydraulic drilling machines are blended with portable air compressors. A perfect combination between these two maximizes on the drilling process and streamlines safety of the operation.

If you are planning to buy a hydraulic drilling machine and a portable diesel air compressor, this article is going to be an eye-opener. I am going to show you how these two machines are correlated to maximize productivity.

What is hydraulic drilling machine, and how does it work?

A hydraulic drilling machine is the type of water well drilling that has hydraulic drill rig. This rid works on a hydraulic system which utilizes the hydraulic fluid that is under intense pressure. A force will be created to exert the drills on the surface.

Apart from the hydraulics, there are pneumatic drills which use compressed air that provides pressure for drilling through ground and surface.

The area of use for the hydraulic drill will determine its specifications. You need to specify whether the area is rocky or has soft soil.

Coolants may be used to break through the layers of sand, rock and soil. Coolants such as water helps to soften the surface in readiness for the drilling. It also helps to keep the drilling rig cool and minimize the impact of friction that can end up damaging the rig.

The power of a hydraulic drilling rig comes from the fluid, which is under pressure. This force enables the drill up and down hence creating an impact on the surface.

The fluid pressure is also responsible for the rotary movement of the drill that will eventually create a digging potential on the surface.

Some hydraulic drilling rigs only drill holes in the vertical direction. With this working mechanism, it means that the rig moves upwards and downwards executing both the drilling and auger needs.

Other types of hydraulic drilling machines can also drill vertically and horizontally. The ultimate design of the water well will dictate the specifications of the rig that you will choose.

Hydraulic drilling machine

When choosing portable hydraulic drilling rigs, you may consider buying a crawler drill. The crawler of this type of drilling rig can move easily on the project site.

Hydraulic crawler rigs are capable of drilling through different types of strata to deliver deep penetrations through the surface. This means that apart from the mobility, the rig boasts of top performance.

The reason why hydraulic crawler rigs are particularly popular is their versatility. You can easily find one that features both vertical and horizontal drilling.

If diesel drives the crawlers, the economic advantages of these drilling machines will be used.

Hydraulic crawler rigs are also easy to control. The open cabin system provides wide visibility during the drilling process. Some advanced crawlers have remote-controlled systems.

Buying hydraulic water well rig for sale

When it comes to buying a hydraulic crawler drilling machine for sale, you should look at different factors in your hand. They include budget and how extensive you would like the rig to go.

You may also have to choose between used and new hydraulic drill rig. Buying used a used hydraulic rig may seem to be a viable option due to the low price. However, like other machinery, you need to be more cautious.

The used machine may be in bad shape, and you may end up paying more for the maintenance. It will be wise if you hire an expert to inspect the drilling machine before you buy.

Buying a new hydraulic drilling rig will always remain to be the best option. You will get a drilling rig that is in pristine condition since it has never been used before. It is physically and mechanically fit for the drilling.

Another advantage of buying new hydraulic drilling rig is the factory support. You will enjoy the aftersales support from the manufacturer after you have bought the rig. Such support includes a warranty and even servicing of the drill.

The secret of buying a brand new water well rig lies with the manufacturer. Choose the best hydraulic drilling machine manufacturer, and you will enjoy every aspect of the product.

Buying a diesel air compressor for hydraulic drilling machine

From this guide, it is crystal clear that there is a very close relationship between hydraulic drilling machine for water well and the air compressor.

Just like the drilling rig, you also need to be careful when buying the air compressor. You don’t want to end up with an air compressor that will do very little in elevating the water drilling process.

Ensure that the specifications of the air compressor will meet your water drilling needs. This will make the two (hydraulic rig and compressor) to be in tandem in terms of the operation.

It would be best if you also bought a new air compressor from reliable air compressor manufacturers in China.

How a hydraulic drilling rig with diesel air compressor

You can uplift your hydraulic water drilling by using a diesel air compressor. Here a diesel-powered air compressor is driven to the drilling site to work hand in hand with the hydraulic drilling rig.

The air compressor will blow the compressed air through the centre of the drill pipe and up through the space between the larger drill bit and the smaller drill pipe.

The stream of air that is going downwards will play a role in boring through the ground or rock. On the other hand, the air stream that is coming upwards will carry the borehole debris upwards.

A combination of these two activities will increase the depth of the borehole and in overall shorten the time taken for water well drilling.

What volume of compressed air is required?

When it comes to selecting an air compressor for borehole drilling, you should consider the volume.

In most cases, the size of the air compressor is directly proportional to the approximated diameter of the water well or borehole.

The volume of air from the compressor should be adequate to cause a significant impact in the borehole. It should pump debris per any given cycle.

In addition to the volume, the compressed air should be flowing at high speed so that it can exert more pressure in the well. The speed of the flowing higher is usually higher than that of the fluid.

Manufacturers of diesel air compressor usually specify the volume of compressed air that is to be delivered. In most cases, it is M3/Minute.

What volume of compressed air does my water well drilling rig require?

There is a formula that you can use to calculate the appropriate volume of the compressor.

Where: D= drill bit diameter in inches and d= drill pipe diameter in inches.

The answer will give you a maximum flow requirement for the borehole.

If the air compressor is not calibrated in meters per minute, then it is cubic feet per minute(CFM). This is the volumetric flow of air compressor.

An air compressor expert who is proficient with the water drilling process will help you find the right volume of the compressor.

So, it will be wise if you verify this information from the manufacturer before you buy the compressor.

Air pressure of the compressor

While the volume of the compressed air is essential, you cannot underrate the pressure of air that is pumped into the borehole.

It would be best if you bought an air compressor that will deliver the right pressure to pump up the debris from the borehole.

The pressure calibration unit of air compressor is usually psi. Most air compressors for water drilling have a minimum of100 psi which is 6 bars.

In addition to cleaning the hole, an air compressor boosts the energy that is availed to the drilling rig hence facilitating faster and impactful drilling. This pressure is also responsible for lifting the water column up the water well.

Concerning the pressure, you should also check the horsepower (HP)of the air compressor.

Location of installation

It is vital to keep in mind where you will install the air compressor for water drilling rig. In this case, it should be right at the drilling site.

You should also choose a perfect position where you will install the compressor. The place should be cool, dry and well ventilated.

The right conditions will allow the compressor to perform to the optimum level without any external interference such as temperature, or vapour.

Diesel air compressor manufacturer will specify the ideal operating conditions for the air compressor, and you should strive to abide by them.

Mobility of the air compressor

Before you buy an air compressor for water drilling, ascertain how mobile it is. Is it easy to transport the compressor to the water drilling site where you will use?

The best air compressors are towable. You only need to attach the compressor to a vehicle and tow it to the drilling location. After finishing the work, you will tow it back home.

A portable diesel air compressor saves you the cost of transportation. It also gives you the ultimate convenience when it comes to moving the compressor from one location to another.

Safety tips for using an air compressor with hydraulic drilling rig

Portable air compressors are a common feature in the water drilling sites. Despite their usefulness, these equipment are potential risks, mostly when used with hydraulic water drilling machines.

When buying the compressor, it will be wise to identify the potential risks and how to avert them.

Here are some of the risks of these air compressors and the ways to avoid them.

Maintaining the well stability with compressed air

One of the main concerns about compressed air is it provides no cushion against the collapse of the water well.

If you use compressed air to drill holes with softer walls, they will be putting the drilling process at high risk. The wall can become too weak and even collapse.

To ensure that there is perfect coordination between the water well hydraulic drill and the diesel air compressor, the top lip of the well is cushioned from the impact of the air.

Install a casing with a diameter larger than the drill bit on the top of the borehole to use as a conductor casing. It should go to a minimum of 500mm meters deep and protrude 300mm above the ground.

The protruding lip ensures that the debris from the borehole blows clear and does not go back to the hole in case the compressor is turned off or due to low pressure.

A longer protruding and even an extra reinforcement may be required if the borehole has a super soft surface that can quickly erode.

Do not breath the compressed air

While drilling the water well, it is crucial to keep in mind that compressed air is not breathable. You should avoid inhaling this air at all costs.

While the discharged air from the compressor may look pure, this is not always the reality. This air contains a combination of gases, some of which are toxic to the human body.

Gases such as carbon monoxide, mechanical oil and other contaminants make up a significant percentage of the compressed air.

They can easily cause respiratory infections, among other health complications.

Solant: Hydraulic Drilling Rig and Air Compressor Manufacturer in China

From this guide, it is clear that you can achieve perfect coordination between hydraulic water well drilling machine and a portable air compressor.

This coordination will bolster your water well drilling projects by a significant margin. You will achieve a significant level of water drilling within a short time.

The surest way of achieving this goal is by buying quality hydraulic drilling rig and portable diesel air compressor.

And where can you get such if not from the best?

It is for this reason that we at Sollant manufacture and supply both the water drilling rig and portable air compressor for water well drilling.

Contact us, and we will be glad to form a strong partnership.


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