Commercial Meat Saws

Meat band saws offering prime performance with every cut.

3 H.P. motor for durability and reliability

Direct gear-drive transmission

Open-frame stainless steel construction

Hobart designed its industrial meat saws to be safe and easy to use. Both the upper and lower pulleys are completely enclosed. The blade is guarded above and below the cutting zone. There is a pusher plate to eliminate the need for handling items too close to the blade. With its integrated pulley system and 3 H.P. motor, Hobart’s meat band saws provide a clean, precise cut with every use.


Easy to Clean

With its open design, you can simply hose Hobart's meat saws down.

No tools are needed for meat saw parts removal, including pulleys, blade cleaners and guide assemblies. The enclosed bone-dust system, with a larger and lower scrap pan, collects the dust. The built-in tungsten carbide blade backup block assembly is easily removed for cleaning.

Innovative Design

Hobart’s commercial meat saws have an integrated pulley design, precisely balanced for true-running of the blade.

The blade-retaining double flanges and center crown is designed for long life without loss of blade integrity. The rugged gauge plate gives quick, positive and precise regulation of cut thickness. It’s easy to disengage for adjustment. The exclusive design of the gauge-plate end permits easy and fast removal of the cuts for stacking.


Commercial Meat Saw Features

Stainless Steel Construction
Made with durable, rust-resistant stainless steel
Hobart Quality
The standard for quality food equipment - tested by time.

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