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New England NuStep Commercial Fitness Representative


Total Fitness Equipment is the NuStep Dealer Passionate About Giving You a Healthier Future

The NuStep is one of the most inclusive fitness trainers available on the market today and was specifically designed with people of all ages and abilities in mind. Whether you’re actively looking to lose weight or just trying to improve your mobility, the NuStep trainers can help. That’s why Total Fitness Equipment is excited to act as a representative on their behalf, offering the entire NuStep recumbent cross trainer line to our friends in Connecticut.
Both commercial and at-home customers will now have access to the NuStep T4r, the entire T5 series, and the new T6 series, which was just released in 2020. This partnership between NuStep and Total Fitness Equipment makes exercise and a healthier lifestyle that much more accessible to the people of Connecticut.

NuStep Offers Comfort Like You’ve Never Seen

Whether you’re purchasing the budget-friendly T4r, which still remains a popular option in healthcare settings, or the first-of-its-kind T6 model, you’re guaranteed to find comfort with a NuStep. One of the reasons Total Fitness Equipment secured the partnership with NuStep because of the overall comfort and reliability of their trainers. The NuStep 360° swivel seat with lumbar support included with each model supports a proper posture during exercise, and keeps you comfortable while aiding in injury prevention. This allows you to get more from your fitness program, without injuring yourself in the process.

It’s Time to Enjoy a Superior Full-Body Workout

Because of the way they are designed, all of the NuStep models provide a low-impact, full-body workout in the recumbent (reclined) position. Each user can adjust the machine settings to their preferences and abilities. The arm and leg movements are connected in each of the machines, which allows those with limited mobility to support themselves during exercise. All of the NuStep models even offer optional grab rings to provide users with an extra layer of stability and security.

Enjoy a Trainer that Supports You in Your Growth

Beyond the fact that the NuStep remains incredibly inclusive and provides a total-body workout unlike any other machine, it is a trainer that truly supports you in your growth and improvement.  The new T6 series, and all of the NuStep T5 series machines include 15 different resistance levels that can be adjusted as you improve. These models also include a heartrate monitoring system, and all of the exercise machines feature a display console to make your workout an experience that you crave. Every detail was considered when the NuStep machines were designed.

Looking for A NuStep in Connecticut?

Total Fitness Equipment is dedicated to helping those in New England get and stay healthier, which is why our partnership with NuStep is such a big deal. With the NuStep trainers now readily available to those in Connecticut and the surrounding areas, Total Fitness Equipment has the ability to serve the needs of countless companies and individuals. Whether you’re running a commercial business, like a senior center or corporate club, or are just an individual looking to get healthier, Total Fitness Equipment would be honored to serve you.

Why Choose Total Fitness Equipment?

For more than 35 years, Total Fitness Equipment has remained the trusted and respected New England fitness equipment dealer that you know and love. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and we love to help people find the perfect solutions for their lives and needs. Total Fitness Equipment is committed to helping you or your business set realistic and achievable goals to get the equipment that’s right for you.
If you’re looking for a NuStep in Connecticut, whether for your home or commercial location, Total Fitness Equipment can provide the right one for you! Contact us today to learn more.

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