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Beaver CNC Series

Accurate and precise pipe machining with the CNC technology

Beaver CNC series is designed with the latest innovation and is capable of finishing the pipe with both radial and axial feeding of the tool. Multiple applications like pipe beveling, facing, squaring, deburring, tapering, and threading can be performed on the inside and outside of a pipe without a need for a change of the tooling for different angles or shapes.

  • Single point machining
  • Machining Range: 1" - 56"
  • Wall Thickness: Unlimited

Threading is forming a spiral ridge on the end of a pipe, bar, cylinder, or rod enabling it to join them together. Threaded pipes provide an effective seal especially for the pipes transporting oil, gas, and liquids.

Our pipe threading machine has radial and axial feeding, which enables the user to adjust tool holder positions to create different shapes during the machining process. It removes material to get the contours of the thread based on the dimensions and tolerances set by a standard of the requirements of the operator. Also, the CNC control system can store pre-set shapes to be used in the upcoming operations.

The Beaver CNC and RTL ZX machine series are covering most of the standardized threading applications such as NPT and NPS, as well as the other pipe machining options such as pipe beveling, pipe boring, and pipe facing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Copier offer portable pipe threading machines?
    • No, all of our machines are designed as stationary for heavy-duty use.

  • Is it possible to modify a standard pipe threading machine?
    • Yes. Our engineering team can help you to have the custom modified pipe threading machine that fits perfectly with your business and production requirements.

  • Is it possible to rent a pipe threading machine?
    • No, unfortunately, our pipe threading machines are not available as a rental.

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