Powder Filler, Auger Filler

Precise dosing, filling of powders, granules into containers, bags

What we do

Our powder filling machines, auger fillers can accurately fill, dose powders, granules in smaller quantities or larger volumes. We build fully automated powder filling lines for larger powder filling productions. We also manufacture tanks, hoppers, reservoirs, install closed tube systems for powder transportation between machines. We manufacture powder mixers and have full range of dust extraction, vacuum cleaning machines.

We also design, build, install complete filling lines.

Our systems

Automatic powder filler

We build automatic powder filling machines for large scale productions, with continuous operation.

Semiautomatic powder filler

Smaller batches, regular changeover are easy accomplish with our semi-automatic powder fillers.

Standard solutions

Precise filling

We can fill almost any type of powder or granule product, accurately.

Simple setup

Easy to setup, easy to adjust dosing parameters.

Robust servo system

Stable, robust servo driver auger filling system.

Net weight filling

Ability to filling products by the weight.

Difficult to fill products

Sticky, free flowing, non flowing powder, granule filling.

Quick changeover

Changeovers between product are quick and simple.

Easy cleaning

Machine is easy to disassemble, simple to clean.

Other possibilities

Dust extraction

Removing, minimising dust during the filling process.

Closed system

We have complete closed systems for powder transportation between machine.


We manufacture bag opening units, weighing system, powder mixers, reservoirs.

Custom machines

We design, manufacture solutions for individual requests.


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