Top 10 Press Brake Manufacturers in 2022

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Press brake is a machine used for sheet metal bending.

Press brake is mainly used in the stamping of metal products, the construction industry, the automobile industry, aerospace, and other fields.

With the continuous growth of global demand for metal products, press brake manufacturing is also booming.

Many manufacturers or purchasing agents in related industries hope to purchase the most suitable press brakes.

The qualifications of press brake manufacturers are various in terms of product quality, price, and services.

This requires you to compare different brands and choose the most cost-effective press brake according to their own needs.

This article introduces the top 10 press brake manufacturers in the world in 2022.


Country: Japan

Address: 200, Ishida, Isehara-shi, Kanagawa 259-1196, Japan 0463-96-1111

Products: plate punching, bending, shearing machine, laser cutting machine, and other sheet metal processing machine, as well as corresponding toolings, spare parts, and cutting products.

About the company:

Amada is a global manufacturer of metal processing machinery with a long history.

It was founded in Japan in 1946. It mainly provides sheet metal machinery, cutting machine, grinding machine, stamping press, and precision welding machine.

In addition to these main products, Amada also provides software, tooling, and other supporting products and services.

Amada constantly develops new technologies and provides customers with solutions according to customer needs and market changes.

Amada's products have a comprehensive and reasonable mechanical structure. It can provide users with the best quality guarantee.

Amada’s products have the characteristics of efficient and environment-friendly operation.

Its advanced technology of simulated automation can provide users with the most perfect and simplified processing guarantee.

ADH Review:

Amada's press brake has the characteristics of high precision, fast, low energy consumption, and environmentally friendly.

It can be said that Amada's product quality has always been impeccable.

Moreover, Amada also provides a full set of technical support such as pre-sales training and after-sales service.

But its price is more expensive and the operation is complex.

This requires professional training to better operate the machine.

2. Trumpf

Country: Germany

Address: Johann-Maus-Str. 271254 Ditzingen Germany


Machines & Systems, Lasers, VCSEL solutions photodiodes, Power electronics, Power tools Software Services

About the company:

The TRUMPF Group was founded in Germany in 1923.

TRUMPF Inc. is the North American subsidiary of TRUMPF GmbH + Co.KG.

The group has two departments: machine tool/power tool and laser technology/power supply.

It is one of the best manufacturers of sheet metal fabrication machinery, industrial lasers, and industrial application electronic products in the world.

TRUMPF is guiding the technological development trend with continuous innovation.

TRUMPF is establishing new technical standards and is committed to developing and updating more products for the majority of users.

ADH Review:

TRUMPF's press brake is Trubend series.

TRUMPF's press brake has advanced bending technology and a beautiful appearance.

It has high bending accuracy and high speed, but the price is too high.

3. Accurpress

Country: Canada

Address: 17400 56th Ave Surrey, British Columbia V3S 1C3, Canada


Press Brakes, Shears, Turret Punch Press, Tooling, Automation

About the company:

Accupress is a professional manufacturer of CNC machine tools, established in Canada in 1973.

It mainly manufactures press brakes, shearing machines, toolings, and other peripheral products.

Accupress specializes in a large-tonnage, tandem press brake, and robot automation. Accupress is known for its high manufacturing quality and advanced technology.

The newly developed visual control program can automatically adjust the bending process.

ADH Review:

Accupress press brake uses the servo-electric hybrid hydraulic driving system, which is energy-saving and environmental protection.

It also has an efficient control system, which can improve bending accuracy and productivity.

4. Bystronic

Country: Switzerland

Address: 2200 West Central Road Hoffman Estates, IL 60192


Laser Cutting Systems, Tube Processing, Press Brakes, Automation Laser, Automation Bending, Software

About the company:

Bystronic is a world-famous provider of sheet metal processing solutions, established in Switzerland in 1964.

The company focuses on the automation of the complete material and data flow of the cutting and bending process chain.

Bystronic mainly provides laser cutting machines, press brakes, automation systems, and related software.

ADH Review:

Bystronic is excel at small and medium-sized press brakes, which are highly precise, flexible, and fast.

5. Durma

Country: Turkey

Address: Durmazlar Machinery Headquarter OSB 75.Yil Bulvani No:416140 Nilufer/Bursa


Laser cutting machines, Press brakes, Guillotine shears, Punch press, Plasma cutting machines, Cylinder bending machines, Combined shears, Corner notching machines, Loading unloading system

About the company:

Durmazlar Machinery was established by Ali Durmaz in 1956.

Druma is a world-renowned manufacturer of metal processing machinery.

Druma's products include CNC press brakes, turret presses, punching machines, all-solid-state fiber lasers, shears, ironworkers, plate rolls, angle rolls, and saws.

ADH Review:

Durma's products have high precision, reliable quality, and low maintenance and operation costs.

6. Salvagnini

Country: Italy

Address: Via Guido Salvagnini 51 Sarego (VI) 36040 Italy


Punching machines, Panel benders, Press brakes, Fiber laser cutting machines, FMS lines, Automatic store-towers, Software

About the company:

In 1963, Milan. Guido Salvagnini established the company in Italy.

Salvagnini Group is a world leader in the field of flexible automation and sheet metal processing machinery.

Salvagnini provides users with the latest flexible high-performance machines and systems.

Products and services include panel benders, integrated punch shearing system, mechatronic punching machine convertible in laser-combi, FMS production line, fiber laser cutting machine, the ROBOformER robotic bending cells, etc.

ADH Review:

Salvagnini has developed a fully automatic robot bending unit operated by a single controller and a single program.

The CNC press brake of Salvagnini is suitable for factories with sufficient budget and inclined to the automatic production line.

7. LVD

Country: Belgium

Address: Nijverheidslaan 2 • 8560 GULLEGEM • Belgium


Laser cutting machines, Punch presses, Press brakes, Shearing machines

About the company:

Founded in Belgium in the 1950s, LVD is a leading enterprise in laser, punching, and bending technology.

It is a world-famous manufacturer of metal forming equipment.

LVD has the most comprehensive press brake production line.

Customized multi-axis CNC plate bending machine with Easy-Form® laser angle measurement technology.

ADH Review:

The performance of the press brake is stable and efficient.

LVD CNC press brake uses a wide range of toolings, equipped with automatic tooling change and tooling library equipment.

8. Cincinnati

Country: United States

Address: 7420 Kilby Road Harrison, OH 45030


Lasers, Press brakes, Shears, Automation, Powered metal presses, Software

About the company:

Cincinnati Incorporated was founded in the United States in the late 1990s.

It is a manufacturer of metal manufacturing equipment with a long history. The product's scope is wide, including press brake, shearing machine, laser cutting machine, etc.

ADH Review:

Cincinnati's machine is very durable with low maintenance cost. The main bending machine series include HYFORM、MAXFORM、AUTOFORM、PROFORM、BASEFORM.

9. Prima Power

Country: Finland

Address: Via Torino-Pianezza, 36 - 10093 Collegno (TO) ITALIA


2D and 3D laser machines, Punching and combined punch, Laser and punch, Shear machines, Press brakes, Panel benders, Flexible Manufacturing Systems, Automation

About the company:

Founded in Finland in 1969, Prima Industrie is a leader in laser and sheet metal fabrication machines.

In 1969, Finn power was established in Finland.

Prima Industrie Group acquired Finn Power Group in 2008.

Prima Power is expertise in mechatronics, optoelectronics, automation, and software.

Prima Power provides customers with professional servo-electric solutions for punching, bending, and integrated processes.

ADH Review:

Prima Power has a wide range of products, with advanced and mature press brake technology, high efficiency, and environmental protection.

10. ADH

Country: China

Address: China Ma'anshan Bowang Special Economic Zone Industrial Park


Press brake

Shearing machine

Panel bender

Laser cutting machine

Laser cutting flexible system

Laser welding machine

V grooving machine

Ironworker machine

About the company:

ADH was founded in 2001 in Ma'anshan, China by Sun Mianyu, which is a professional provider of sheet metal manufacturing machines.

The company's products include press brake, laser cutting machine, shearing machine, panel bender, etc.

ADH continuously introduces foreign advanced technology to promote product upgrading.

With the expansion of business and production, the company has established a third production park.

ADH's products occupy a very large market share in China, and at the same time, they are constantly exploring the international market.

ADH Review:

ADH's press brake technology is in line with international standards and adopts international brand parts.

ADH’s press brakes are of high quality, easy to operate, energy-saving, and efficient, and the product cost performance is very high.


The press brakemanufacturers introduced in this article are well-known enterprises in the world. Product quality, performance, and service are guaranteed. If your budget is sufficient, you can choose the right one from these manufacturers.

Of course, there are many other press brake manufacturers with the high-cost performance, which is worthy of further exploration by users.

With over 40 years of experience in press brake manufacturing, I believe we can be one of your best choices for purchasing a good press brake that right fit your needs. You can contact us right now to get our expert suggestions based on your practical use.

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