Polyester conveyor belt

  • Fabric core conveyor belt is the abbreviation of layered fabric core conveyor belt. It is the most common conveyor belt on the market. Common fabric cores are divided into plain cotton (CC), nylon (NN) and polyester (EP).

    Plain cotton conveyor belts are mostly used for medium and short distance material transportation.

    Nylon conveyor belts are characterized by good elasticity, lighter belt body, good trough shape, and are mostly used for medium and long distance transportation.

    Polyester conveyor belts are characterized by good impact resistance, stability, and are used for long-distance, large-volume, and fast-running transportation.

    Fabric core conveyor belts are widely used in food, building materials, casting, mining, chemical, coal, electric power, metallurgy and other industries. According to their performance, they can be divided into general use, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, general flame resistance, cold resistance, high wear resistance, etc. 

    Usually the conveyor belt consists of three parts: the upper cover rubber (working surface), the fabric core (usually composed of 3-6 layers of cloth core according to the conveying conditions), and the lower cover rubber (non-working surface). The structure is generally edge-wrapped (the edges are glued), but can also be cut (the edges are neatly cut, and the cross-section clearly shows the product structure).

    Conveyor belt is the most important part of the conveying system. It is not only expensive but also consumable. We will earnestly implement customer needs and better improve the use effect and service life of the conveyor belt.

    Fabric Core Conveyor Belt