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    KingChe Electric Motorcycle RZ

    • Powerful electric motorcycle

    • Max Speed: 140km/h

    • Digital dash board

    • Brake: Disc Brake

    • MOQ: 1 Piece

    PRODUCT Description

    Professional racing models, riding styles for lying races, with a light switch, and overtaking warnings. The design of teardrop lights on both sides of the headlights is more eye-catching. The front simulation fuel tank adopts a simulation fuel tank that is raised left and right upwards and protrudes outward, and the upper part is tilted forward. The inner side of the wrist fits the outer edge of the fuel tank, which is helpful for driving in curves.

    There are a variety accessories can be your selection. OEM/ ODM/ CKD/ SKD order are all available.

    If what you want are not in the table, please be free to contact us, thanks for support!

    Customizable Accessories Specification
    Model Number: RZ Electric Motorcycle
    Motor: 3000W, 5000W, 8000W, 10000W
    Tile motor/ Middle motor/ Hub wheel motor
    Brand: KingChe Motor
    Brand: QS motor
    Battery: ACID battery 72V, 32AH.
    LFP lithium battery Voltage: 72V
    LFP lithium battery current: 30AH/ 40AH/ 60AH/ 80AH/ 100AH
    Brand: Xinchi / Chaowei / KingChe
    Controller: KingChe Controllor
    Voltol controller
    Break: KingChe disc break
    ABS break system
    CBS break system
    Shock Absorption: KingChe Shock Absorption
    Dash board and LED: Digital dash board
    LED headlight, Turn signal light, Rear light
    Tire: Vacuum tyre, Front:110/70-17  Rear:140/70-17/ Rear:200/55-17
    Plastic Accessories: Colorful part ABS plastic and black part PP plastic.
    ABS colorful platic, color, logo and pattern can be customized.
    PP is black color, cann't be painted.
    Package: Steel frame + Carton:  Completely assembled electric bike.
    Plywood Carton: Completely assembled electric bike.
    Carton: Full container CKD order of electric bike.
    Service: To be our dealer.
    MOQ: 1 Piece
    Delivery time: 15-20days, if urgently order, please contact us.



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    No. 89 Xingyue Road, Anzhen Street, Xishan District, Wuxi City

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