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6 Parking air conditioners equipped with 12 or 24V Secop (formerly Danfoss) compressor.

Sleeping Well is the first worldwide battery powered electric air-conditioning system that independently functions with the engine turned OFF. It is a true no-idle solution that quietly cools and dehumidifies the sleeper cabs of commercial vehicles during warm and muggy evening stopovers. Once the truck arrives at its stopover the driver turns OFF the O.E. truck air-conditioning system and turns ON the Sleeping Well unit. Sleeping Well’s quite performance maintains a cool dry environment keeping the driver comfortable while eliminating engine emissions, unnecessary fuel expense and reducing engine wear. Research carried out in collaboration with Secop has led to the development of the innovative Sleeping Well Secop (formerly Danfoss) BD350GH compressor specifically designed to ensure that Sleeping Well operates with maximum efficiency at minimum levels of energy consumption. The system functions with ecological R134a gas. The highly efficient 12V Direct Current Secop (formerly Danfoss) compressor has a much higher degree of both safety and quietness compared with 115 or 230V compressors that operate with an inverter. The air conditioning system is equipped with a digital electronic panel to allow users to set the temperature and to control the ventilation. It features a TURBO or ECO mode for the best efficiency at all temperature and a timer for setting the night time switch off. It automatically controls both power absorption and performances according to the outside temperature and to the temperature selected. The wireless remote control supplied as standard allows users to set the appliance while lying down in the bunk.


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