PET Bottle Recycling Plant By Retech Jessieca

2000kg/h PET Bottle Washing Recycling Machine

Product Description:

PET bottle washing recycling machine is used to recycling the dirty PET bottle,mineral bottles,pesi bottles,and jucie bottles,etc into clean and dry PET flakes.As we know, the used waste PET bottles has a lot of contaiminants, such as sands,oil,metals,etc.We can use the recycled PET flakes into new products to realize the PET bottle's reusing.

Production pictures:

Production Processing of PET recycling equipment:

1. Metal chain conveyor- 2. Horizontal Bale breaker - 3. Double screw loader- 4. Trommel - 5.Belt conveyor-6.Mechanical label remover(dry type) - 7.Belt conveyor - 8.Steel platform- 9.Manual sorting table - 10.Metal detector- 11.Crusher - 12.Horizontal Screw feeder - 13.Screw loader- 14.Float washing tank - 15.Dewatering machine - 16. Hot washer - 17.Screw feeder - 18.Hot washer - 19.Screw feeder - 20.High speed dewatering machine - 21.Hot washer (optional) - 22.Screw feeder - 23.High speed dewatering machine- 24.Friction washer - 25.Float washing tank - 26.Rinse washing tank - 27.Float washing tank - 28.Dewatering machine - 29. Zig zag labels separator - 30.Storage silo - 31.Electric control cabinet  

Production diagram in 3D:

Material Processed for PET bottle recycling line:

Main machine details of PET bottle recycling machine:

(1)Label remover by wind:Removing the labels from PET bottles.

(2)Crusher: Crushing the PET bottles into PET flakes-about 12mm(customized)

(3)Floating washing tank: Fully wash the PET flakes, remove the surface sands from flakes.

(4)Steam washer: strongly removing the oil and contaiminant.

(5)dewatering machine: Removing the water by force centrifugal to get final dry PET flakes.

Contact Us:

Contact person: Jessie Gu


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