3 Cylinder Engine Manufacturer

  • Designed by Ricardo, UK
  • Lightweight and compact (40% Lighter & 25% Smaller)
  • Environment-friendly, complying with CPCB and EURO IV norms
  • Low running cost
  • Clean & green
  • Highest maintenance interval of 500 hours
  • Direct Injection (DI)
  • Four valves per cylinder
  • Oil cooler and charge air cooling system
  • Engine performance optimised for constant speed, variable load & other operating conditions
  • HLA & RFF used for maintenance-free quiet operation and reduced friction
  • Fuel economy & emission optimised at source by means of low engine friction, faster engine warm-up, and optimised combustion
  • Poly V- belt drive with automatic belt tensioner, used for quiet engine operation
  • The cylinder liner's central line is offset from crank bore's central line to reduce the frictional losses arising due to piston slap
  • The cylinder head is designed to sustain high peak pressure of 200 bar, giving a good power-to-weight ratio
  • Cylinder head gasket is a multilayer steel gasket to withstand high peak pressure and thereby, increase life
  • Pistons equipped with oil gallery and piston cooling jets for effective cooling of the piston crown
  • The fractured splitting process ensures assembly of the large end cap on to the con rod, with unique and maximum surface contact, ensuring alignment and firm clamping

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