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Bean Cleaning Line Technology Introduction:Air Screen Cleaner- Destoner -- Gravity Separator -- Magnetic Machine --Polishing Machine --- Color-Sorting -- Grading Machine -- Packing Machine.

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Bean Cleaning Line Introduction:

1. Bean cleaning line design:
This bean cleaning line is an automatic bean processing line integrated with cleaning, destoning, selecting, brushing, grading, color sorting and winnowing processes. 
The line is in double layer steel structure with equipments arrangement. It uses electric centralized control system, up to continuous automatic operation.

2. Bean cleaning line with fine cleaning efficiency:
It can process beans by fine cleaning with great efficiency and effectiveness. Compared with preliminary cleaning plant, it can help us get fine bean products.

We offer bean fine cleaning plant to maximize performance and flexibility to suit your bean cleaning needs. All of our cleaners are precision cleaners with good sealing property and reliable performance. Bean fine cleaning machine can process various kinds of beans, such as soybean, kidney bean, mung bean, navy bean, sword bean, pea, cowpea, chickpea, butter bean, lentil, broad bean, black soya bean, small red bean and so on.



3. Bean cleaning line technology and features: 
The bean cleaning machine or bean fine cleaning line includes processes of once magnetic separation, twice cleaning and destoning. Materials are conveyed by elevators and 2 groups of aspiration systems are used to dedust. It includes 2 sifting processes to remove big and small impurities in the raw bean. Then the destoner fully removes the stones. The magnetic separator increases purity of the finished products to guarantee good taste by removing metal impurities so as to prevent them going into the final beans.

4. Bean cleaning line features and processing technology:

Once selection and twice brushing processes lead to lustrous beans, increasing high yield, low brokens and uniform granules.After color sorting, the beans up to national standard can be packaged. Once selection process removes impurities in the bean; twice polishing processes dedust the materials to increase lustrousness;The vibration sifter grades out brokens in the finished products while the complete fine beans are conveyed to color sorter.The sorted kernels are selected again and then go to packaging cabinet. Finished products go to belt conveyor to be manually selected and then mechanically packaged through buffering bin.


5. Ventilation and pneumatic conveying of the bean cleaning line
The project includes multiple groups of aspiration systems, meeting requirements for environment protection and reducing dust concentration. It also decreases noise in the workshop, guaranteeing secure and clean operation.

6. Power control of the bean cleaning line
It is equipped with overvoltage, undervoltage and electrical shock protection systems, making sure secure power supply.

7. Bean cleaning line products and yield:
Finished product: fine bean(depending on impurities in the raw bean)
Fine bean: 90-96%
Broken kernel: 2-3%
Impurity: 2-7% 


We once exported 5T/H beans and other seeds cleaning line to the U.S.:
This is a modern seed cleaning and sorting line designed by Win Tone that brings artificial intelligence and internet connectivity to local agri-business of N.Y.State. This line can maximize product purity while handling with the utmost care for your various seeds, such as wheat, barley, soybeans, kidney beans, black beans, peas, vegetable seeds, buckwheat, etc.  



The line includes a pre-cleaner, air stream cleaner, de-stoner, a magnetic cleaner, gravity cable, and a polisher, all with suction for dust control.






United with this in the holistically designed facility is the optical color seed sorting machine which uses artificial intelligence to do a visual analysis of every seed of any type orsize, even down to mustard seeds. It also sorts out diseased seeds, greatly decreasing the spread of plant pathogens.




Pictures of processed seeds:





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