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The TripleXtract®  System is a 3 – 20 pound per hour, manual alcohol extraction system, designed for maximum extraction of cannabis plant essentials with the least amount of effort. Our solvent extraction system utilizes 5 levels of filtration with three easy-to-change inline, step down filters. All TripleXtract® components are ergonomically located for safe and quick operation with minimal movements.  

The TripleXtract® system can be quickly and easily relocated to any location and is designed to work seamlessly with the SprayVap® System or any other oil-solvent separator to operate as one continuous closed loop system.


  • Chilled or Room Temperature Alcohol Extraction
  • 5 Steps of High Efficiency Filtration
  • Fast Extraction Rates
  • High Reliability
  • Consistent Tincture
  • Reduced Floor Space Requirements
  • FDA Compliant (Gras)
  • Low on Condition Maintenance
  • Minimal Moving Components
  • Modular Design and Construction
  • Mobile – on wheels
  • Vacuum transfer
  • Borosilicate industrial glass
  • Proudly Built in the USA
  • Veteran owned and operated


  • Easy to Use and Clean

  • Inexpensive operation

+-Process Overview

  • Load biomass bag into reactor and let soak in solvent for predetermined time and temperature. Run tincture through filtration into tincture bottle using vacuum transfer and valve manifold.  Feed tincture from tincture bottle into SprayVap®


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  • Alcohol Extraction Equipment for Cannabis

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