Channel Letters CNC Bending Machines

We may not be the only channel letter bending machines company in North America, but we have certainly raised the bar.

There are two basic types of channel letters:

  1. Conventional channel letters that utilize trim or reverse/halo with welding using the machine Ascent-Edge
  2. “New style” channel letters that do not require trim and reverse/halo without welding using the machine Ascent-4AS

Each of these styles consists of the following components; letter face (with or without trim), letter side returns, back and lighting source (LED). To automate channel letter returns, CNC bending machines are utilized. Traditional bending machines take flat aluminum coil and cut “notches” into the aluminum to create a flange. This allows for the bending of the aluminum into the shape of the letter, which is done either automatically or quite often manually.

We took the approach of developing our CNC Bending Machines to create channel letter returns from aluminum profiles (UL certified for indoor and outdoor) and using our unique pneumatic mailer gun; This system enables us to produce new-style channel letters that do not require trim.  It also produces reverse/halo letters (that do not require welding) and our newest technology of utilizing liquid polyurethane/epoxy that replaces cut acrylic for the face. 

Furthermore, our system utilizes stainless steel clips to connect the back of the letter to the side return.

The result is a cleaner letter that is easier and faster to produce with significantly reduced labor costs and easier installation.

With Ascent technology, we achieved price/performance; you can purchase the 

Ascent-4AS & Ascent-Edge & TM-3 Trim machine 

For the same price as one machine from the competition!

Over 40,000 bending machines are sold worldwide!


Fourth-generation Ascent bending machine process aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, non-proprietary aluminum UL extrusion/profiles, and other “exotic” materials. The machine produced Letters without trim, Reverse/halo (without welding), Plastic side return, Epoxy letters, and other channel letters. There is not tools change over (all software-driven) comes completely calibrated.

We guarantee the industry’s simplest assembly process with the lowest labor costs and competitive prices on Ascent UL aluminum extrusions/profiles for side returns.

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Bending machine to make “notching and flanging” trim cap and reverse/halo type channel letters from aluminum coils up to 0.063” and stainless steel. 

A full-scale machine high output very accurate with a tight radius bending option and the most affordable price.

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Ascent-TM3 Trim Machine

Ascent Trim Machine is an “industry-first” that converts flat aluminum into 1” trim and then automatically forms the trim into the letter’s shape.

In addition, the machine can process traditional plastic trims.

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Ascent-TMB3 Bead Bending Machine

The machines have three functions: 

  • Making side return from 0.040” aluminum “bead” type
  • Converts flat aluminum into 1” trim and then automatically forms the trim into the letter’s shape
  • Process traditional plastic trims
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