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After 40 years of development, @QHBake‘s biscuit equipment production technology has reached international manufacture standards. The large capacity can reach 1500kg/h. The production of the oven has been tested and certified by the relevant national safety departments and meets the safety standards.

@QHBake biscuit machine can make all kind of biscuit. The machine layout can be combined and displayed according customer’s factory space and technical requirement. By easy to changing the molds and recipes,this plant is able to produce various type of high quality biscuit, such as cream biscuit,sandwiching biscuit, soda biscuit, animal biscuit, vegetable biscuit etc., There are diversified heating source for your operation.(Electric, gas, fuel oil)

to help users production what he want.

The Bakery oven more efficient and energy save, Each temperature zone can be control own by PLC touch screen. for convenient running and flexibility operate.


Advantage of QHBake biscuit making machine

Dough mixing

Dough mixing

The dough mixing There are two kinds of dough mixing ,one for the soft biscuit by horizontal mixer, another for the hard biscuit by vertical mixer. Some special biscuit such like soda,cracker biscuit also use the horizontal mixer for dough ferment

@qhbake The mixing blade can fully stir the dough and shorten it quickly, with high efficiency, every 15 minutes. The high-end configuration can add PLC to control the speed and control the mixing time.

@ https://www.qhbake.com/product/dough-mixer/

qhbake vertical mixer used for the hard biscuit making. The strong double vertical spindle blades is all made of SUS 304, with stable performance, which can quickly make the dough gluten, so that the taste of the biscuits is better.The PLC can control the whole process,more convenient.

@ https://www.qhbake.com/product/double-blades-dough-mixer-vertical/

Dough cutting and elevating

Dough cutting and elevating

After the dough pour into the collect tank. When the conveyor conveys the dough at a constant speed, the cutter is equipped will cut the dough into pieces then lift to hopper of feeder. This system usually for large capacity hard biscuit production line.

The soft biscuit manufacture process are not need.

The dough feeding and cutting machine is used for cutting the dough into small pieces and sending them to the feeding machine(overlapping machine,three roll sheeter,rotary moulder etc.).

Dough feeder + Laminate

Dough feeder + Laminate

The dough laminator is working together with the roller sheet forming machine usually used for the hard biscuit.
Pre-made dough sheet, laminating, and sprinkle powder running way direct to the biscuit running way so that it is advantageous for the tough biscuit to improve quality and grade, which makes it a  necessary device for producing fermented crack.

There are two common types of laminator :Cut sheet or Reciprocating type.according to different types of biscuit and machine particular configuration.

It’s designed to give the product a layered structure. The quality of the final product, its fragility, and crispy,Pre-made dough sheet laminating, and sprinkle powder running way direct to the biscuit running way so that it is advantageous for the tough biscuit to improve quality and grade, which makes it a  necessary device for producing fermented crack.

Dough sheeting

Dough sheeting

The dough after several laminate will trough 3-4 time sheeting. Change the thickness of the dough according to the process requirements of different biscuits .Make the taste of biscuits more crispy, generally suitable for all kinds of tough biscuits.

The press roller can be controlled by the touch screen. The speed of dough conveyor also can adjustable.

@ https://www.qhbake.com/product/hard-biscuit-machine/

Biscuit forming

Biscuit forming

QHbake biscuit production line including rotary cutter(for hard biscuit) and rotary molder(for soft biscuit). The two type molds structures are completely different, but both are made of anti-sticking material PC. And not easily damaged.

1.Hard biscuit rotary cutter:

Usually the hard biscuit forming machine including two alloy molds, Solid structure more stronger .which can convenient ffor facilitate the replacement of the molds. When customer wants to produce a biscuit with printing, in fact, a printing roller is used to print a special pattern on the dough, and the second forming roller will roll and cut the dough according to the pattern. The formed biscuits will go directly to the oven, and the excess dough will be recycled to the feeder through the side dough recycling system for reuse.

2.Soft biscuit rotary moulder

Once customer just want to make the soft biscuit, the dough after mixed will lift into the hopper of the rotary moulder. Equipped with special mace for stir the dough. In the process of conveyor belt transportation the rotary molder make the dough formed in some shape by customerized biscuit mold. T9 type scraper, sharp and durable ,Pneumatic tension, pneumatic rectifying device
PU conveyor belt, much stronger alloy roller for stable working and also controlled by PLC.

Sugarsalt sprinkler

Sugar/salt sprinkler

This system between the oven and the forming machine. Some biscuit need the process of sugar/salt/sesame/vegetable or some else. make biscuits more body sensation, look better, and taste more in line with consumers’ preferences. The extra sugar and salt particle will be on the tray, can be reuse. Brush inside driven by the outside motor. Ensure sprinkler more efficient,more health and easy to clean.

Baking Oven

Baking Oven

Biscuit baking is the very important step of biscuit making. the temperature can be controlled by PLC. Usually divided into electric oven and natural gas oven and fuel oven according to which energy power cheapest in customer factory.

The main advantage of oven.

  1. The bakery oven is grouped into heated with gas (LPG or natural gas).Rapid heating up and energy saving.
  2. The oven is grouped into heat control zones.The top and bottom heat are independently adjustable and reset. The measured temperature and preset temperature will be showed in the digital form.
  3. To allow independent movement of the chamber to relive stresses when expanding or contracting.
  4. High-quality thermal insulating material is used to get good insulation and efficient fuel usage.
  5. Steelwork, ducts and chambers paint with hight temperature(400 degree) silvery paint.Outer covers paint with hard finish gloss paint
  6. Fully-automatic PID temperature 360 degree
  7. Great control flexibility and prefect safety precautions
  8. It can meet the technological requirements for production of different food.

A: Electrical oven-Far infrared heating

The working principle is by the far-infrared heating element their arrangement and control make the heating uniform, there is an exhaust system to collect the steam and exhaust.

B: Gas oven-Direct Fired Oven

The working principle is gas ribbon burners fitted directly into the baking chamber. Various burner types make it possible to make a unique baking profile for every product.

The burner controls are split in top and bottom heat and in more zones.

C: Hot air circulation oven– Convection (indirect) type

The working principle is indirect air impingement and optimization of the well-known convection principle. The heat from the gas burner is exchanged in the heat exchange above the baking chamber. The baking air is not mixed with the combustion air. Direct Impingement ovens are also available, where combustion air is circulated in the baking chamber

If you want to learn more about bakery oven. @qhbake.com


Oil spraying

Oil spraying:

At present, the biscuit in the market have a great color and best taste.because the biscuit with the process-oil spraying. After a long time of development, this process is indispensable for all manufacturers to produce biscuits recently.
Adopt a special centrifugal mist spray structure make the oil spraying in the surface of biscuit more even. The extra oil can be recycled for reuse. The oil collect tank with insulation function.

10 Cooling


After the biscuit go out from the oven, which still have a certain high temperature and need to be cooled and transported through few of time.

All conveyor belt use the un-stick PU

The belt convey speed also can be adjustable.

Star stacking

Star stacking:

During the conveying process, the biscuits will appear in a disorderly order, and a stacking machine is needed to arrange the biscuits to make the biscuits neat and orderly. The distance between of each others can be adjustable.

12 Biscuit sandwiching

Biscuit sandwiching:

Except hard biscuit and soft biscuit, here also have the sandwich biscuit. Usually two biscuits with cream or chocolate filling in the sandwich are called 2+1 sandwich biscuits. Some factory even make the 3+2 type sandwich biscuit.


PLC for simple operation including machine set-up, hopper controls, speed adjustments

Cream Shapes: can handle a wide variety of shapes, including round, square, rectangle

Scrap trays are provided for simple scrap collection and machine cleaning

Easy to operate: Simple adjustments for machine speeds, cream volume,

Sanitary design with stainless steel for food contact parts, including cream stencil and interchange faster

Separating cream holding tank and feeding system

No biscuit no cream system

Temperature metering device installed the cream stencil and convenient change-over stencil design for different cream shapes

Every cream hopper with independent motor and reducer

Mobile cream hopper can cleaning while finish working separately

Stainless steel gear pump, connection tubes between cream hopper and stencil are jacket design.

13 Packing table

Packing table:

After the biscuit stacked will delivery to packing table for the last step packing. The customer can pack biscuit in any package of own want.

14. Why chose us

Why Buy Machine from us – Manufacturer

  • Real factory not trade company

Shanghai QHBake Machine Co.Ltd, the large bakery machine manufacturer located in Shanghai China Since 1980. the company has more than 40 years of machine manufacturing history.The longest professional development, the earliest market management, the highest degree of integration, the country’s largest food machine production factory.

  • Professional

Our factory have more than 40 years machine manufacturing experience,There are 12 drawing designer and 20 professional engineers which can offer your support anytime and anywhere.

  • Reliability

Modern factory has more than 200 worker. Strict quality control system .advance Germany standard Machining CNC center provide precise technology process to handle every detail of the every machine. professional engineers team offer you the best plan according to you requirement.

  • High Quality Machines

All machine made in GMP standard factory

We have the CNC center to keep the machine precious

All machine use SUS304 and sanblasting surface coating handling

  • Formula support

We have cooperate with the authoritative scientific research institute to custom the special formula for you with machine ,ensure you make the best gummy with good deal.

  • Technology support

12 drawing designer and 20 professional engineers which can offer your support anytime and anywhere. Can be video call online to guide you how the machine install and maintain

  • Detail documents

The details manual and video introduction are both provide,All important documents also.

  • Quick Delivery Time

5 workshops together, the professional worker equipment the specialized equipment can manufacture machine very sooner.

  • After Sales Services

Every engineers has passport, can be go to your factory to offer you guide and train your workers. The sales online answer you question all time. And years maintenance

  • Annual maintenance

We offer the annual maintenance for our customers to make sure machine running well and no trouble for customer.

Confirm Biscuit Make machine Quality Standards and Certifications

Current good manufacturing practices (GMP) quality standards and certifications

International Standards Organization (ISO) quality standards and certifications

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) quality standards and certifications

We not only have CE electrical quality standards and certifications,but also UL Certification.

15 Are you ready to invest biscuit project

Ready to Add Biscuit Machine to Your Operations? Let Us Help

Maximizing your return on investment means selecting the right machine that will match your facility’s size, scope of work, and projected growth. You do not want a unit too large or too small for current and future operations. In most cases, it is always better to purchase one with the potential to scale your production to meet all levels of customer demand.

To aid manufacturers in providing the highest product quality possible, Shanghai QHBake Food Company offers a wide variety of equipment options to suit your facility’s needs and your company’s operations. If you want to add biscuit production to your offerings, replace your existing equipment, or want to discuss anything else related to biscuit machines, contact us anytime.

More Specifications for Biscuit Making Machine

  1. What’s the capacity of biscuit make equipment you want?
  2. What’s the biscuit shape and size you need to produce?
  3. Which type biscuit you want manufacturer?Hard biscuit, soft biscuit or sandwich biscuit.
  4. Level of automation which can either be semi-automatic or fully automatic biscuit making machine.
  5. Power specifications including the right power rating for operating the biscuit making machine.
  6. Which energy source used for oven? Electric/Gas/Dairy?
  7. Pressure requirements of your custom biscuit making machine.
  8. Dimensions of the biscuit making machine in terms of size and weight among other key dimensions.

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High Quality Machines

All machines made in the GMP standard factory. We have the CNC center to keep the machine precious. All machine use SUS304 and sandblasting surface coating handling.

Full Formula Support

We have cooperated with the authoritative scientific research institute. to custom, the special formula for you with your machine, ensure you make the best gummy with a good deal. 

Technology Support

12 drawing designer and 20 professional engineers,which can offer your support anytime and anywhere. Can be video call online to guide you how the machine install and maintain.

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