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Backyard Snowstorm

At Backyard Snowstorm, we are committed to helping people make real, high quality snow in their own backyard! Our home snowmaking machine design is based on years of research, testing, and making lots of snow. The system allows beginner snowmakers to be up and running quickly and provides resort quality snow at affordable prices.

Our snow makers (snow guns) and packages include the equipment necessary to transform your yard from a brown lawn, to a snow covered playground. For more information about what makes our residential snowmaking systems the best in the industry, please scroll down.


Professionally Engineered

Backyard Snowstorm snow guns and systems are professionally engineered to be safe and create the highest quality snow for residential use. Home snow making systems use high pressure water and air and must be properly designed for safety and functionality.  Our package systems come fully equipped with proper fittings, hoses, and piping to make your snowmaking experience as easy as possible.


Resort Quality Snowmaking

Our snowmaking systems use engineered components and nozzles similar to commercial snow guns used at winter resorts around the world. Our snow guns include a commercial quality, internally mixed nucleation nozzle that is unique to any other residential snowmaker. Our nucleation nozzle is designed to provide optimal air-water mixing, optimal water droplet size range, and a spray pattern that fully contacts the main water spray plume, creating the highest quality snow. 


Affordable Prices

Backyard Snowstorm products were developed with cost in mind. We understand that budgets and quality are important, so we created a system that provides resort quality snow at an affordable price. Our packages have upgrade options for snowmaking throughput and component quality.  Beginner snowmakers may choose a lower volume snowmaking system and a residential pressure washer and air compressor.  Later, when budgets allow, the system can be upgraded to higher throughput volumes with an industrial pressure washer and compressor. 


Multi-Train System

Backyard Snowstorm packages are designed to be operated in expandable pressure washer "trains".  For example, a two-train systems uses two pressure washers operating side-by-side to double the water throughput to the snow gun. Our multi-train system allows expansion up to four pressure washers running together. Electric pressure washers with capacities greater than about 2 gpm are very expensive and often require 220 volt powers sources. Our multi-train system allows the use of more cost effective pressure washers and standard household power to achieve higher water flow (and more snow!). Multiple gas pressure washers can also be operated in trains.


Fully Expandable Snow Gun

The Backyard Snowstorm Snow Gun is designed to grow with your needs from year to year. It is designed to be fully expandable from 1 gpm of water flow up to 8 gpm of water for the ultimate snowstorm. When you decide to upgrade your system to higher water flowrates, just select a new nozzle kit to match the new flowrate.