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The Best Commercial Juicers of 2021: comparison, Reviews & Buying Guide

Setting up a juice bar can be a lucrative business. Suja Juice was valued at $300 million when Coca Cola pumped $90 million into the company back in 2015. Just last year, it generated $100 million in revenue. Who knows, maybe your business will be the next success story.

But before opening your store for business, you’ll need a dependable juice extractor that will meet the demand of your customers.

Without further ado, I give you the best commercial juicer—Good Nature Juicers.

They offer a range of heavy-duty, high volume commercial cold press juice extractors that can yield from 20-25 (12 oz) bottles/hour up to 8000 bottles/hour.

Good Nature Juicers Commercial Cold Press Juicing Systems

You can check these machines on their website.

There are other good commercial-grade juicers out there like the Hamilton Beach Otto HJE960 Series or the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Chef CS600, but Good Nature put those machines to shame. In terms of output, they won’t be able to beat any of the cold press juicing systems offered by Good Nature.

What I love about these Good Nature juice presses is it works like a hydraulic juice press—the gold standard in juice extraction efficiency and nutrient retention. Your customers will surely get the best out of these machines.

Good Nature juicers come with a 1-year warranty, but it can be extended for an additional two years for a fee.

The bad news is, these great heavy-duty juice extractors require a significant amount of investment. The M-1, the base model, has a sticker price of $3,700. It shoots up from there.

Alternative Commercial Juicers

If you don’t have that amount of money, as an alternative, you can use a combination of commercially rated traditional cold press juicers and centrifugal juicers. Slow juicers would be ideal for selling juice detox plans, and high-speed juice extractors would be perfect for drinks that will be consumed right away.

No Breville juicer has been rated for commercial use, but most Omega slow juicers have a default 1-year commercial use warranty.

There’s also one twin gear juicer that is commercially rated—The Tribest Green Star Pro.

You can start with a couple Omega slow juicers and a pair of Breville high-speed juice extractors and work from there. I don’t recommend any other centrifugal juicer brand, as some of the cheaper models tend to overheat in just a couple of minutes.

Let’s say you’ll go for the cheapest Omega and the most inexpensive Breville juicer, it will just cost you more or less $800. That’s 462% cheaper than the entry-level Good Nature juicer.

You can pick any of these Omega horizontal masticating juicers which comes with 1 year commercial warranty.

Plus, any of these Breville Juicers:

I didn’t include the top end models on this list as they are a bit pricier.

Here’s a thing. Since these juice extractors are intended for household application, it’s not designed to withstand non-stop usage. Most of these machines can only take 30 minutes of continuous operation. Then, it will start to heat up.

The heat will significantly affect the taste and nutrient content of your juice. It would be best to alternate usage between machines, giving it some room to cool off.

In the future, it would make perfect sense to upgrade to a professional juicing system when your business becomes cashflow positive.

Over To you

It’s not too late to start your own juice bar. Offer something new that will keep customers coming back. Look at the latest trend and be creative. Any business has a risk, but not taking any risk is worse.

Hopefully, the information I provided helped you find the best commercial juicer or juicers for your new venture.

Best of Luck!

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