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Best Electric Bread Slicer Machine

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by Maria Foster

Electric bread slicers are the best invention since—you guessed it—sliced bread!

With more and more people cooking and baking at home, more loaves of aromatic bread are popping out of ovens everywhere. Whether it’s whole wheat, sourdough, raisin, or a sweet banana loaf, they all need to be sliced.

Slicing bread can be tedious and takes time, not to mention it’s often difficult to get a consistent thickness using just a plain bread knife. That’s why an electric bread slicer for home use is convenient and versatile.

How do you know what is the best electric bread slicer for your home? We’ve done the research and have sliced through the field of bread cutters on the market. We’ve come up with five top products that you should consider for your kitchen. We’ll show you our list in a moment, but first, a bit of information on how we chose the best electric bread slicer.

Best Electric Bread Slicer Machine
Overall Best Electric Bread Slicer
When it comes to design, versatility, and price, we found this slicer from SuperHandy is a cut above the rest.
Best Electric Bread Slicer For The Discriminating Chef
If you’re serious about slicing and concerned about power and quality, the CUSIMAX brand is a great investment for your kitchen.
Best Budget Electric Bread Slicer
This slicer from Chefman is a great addition to the kitchen of a budget-minded chef. If cost is your main concern, then this may be the bread cutter for you.
This is another automatic bread slicer for your home is another product that caught our eye. The Anescra model has many of the features that our top-profiled models share and is a solid choice for slicing loaves of home-baked bread and more.
Your friends will be impressed not only by your perfectly cut charcuterie board but also by this bread slicer’s eye-catching design.

Best Electric Bread Slicer Machine

Here are our top picks for best electric bread slicer:

1. SuperHandy Portable Bread Slicer

Overall Best Electric Bread Slicer
When it comes to design, versatility, and price, we found this slicer from SuperHandy is a cut above the rest.

SuperHandy calls this a meat slicer, but it’s also perfect for cutting bread, cheese, and other foods. It features a fold-away design to maximize counter space, an easy-to-remove blade for cleaning, and important safety features, all at an affordable price.

What makes this model so unique? The feature that sets this model apart from others is its fold-away compact design. Many food/bread slicers can take up a lot of space on your kitchen counters. This one folds up to a compact rectangle that you can easily fit in your kitchen cupboard or take with you wherever you go.

Equipped with a 6.7” (170.18mm) stainless steel serrated blade, this slicer will cut through bread like a hot knife through butter. SuperHandy is a relatively new brand on the market, but it outsources its blade manufacturing to a German company called RSG Solingen that’s been making quality blades and laboratory instruments for more than 70 years. You can adjust the blade thickness from deli-thin to ⅘” thick, perfect for bread slices.

We also appreciate the safety features of this model. To operate the blade, you need to simultaneously push two buttons at once, the unlock button and the power button. This will prevent smaller, curious hands from accidentally starting the slicer! Plus, there are seven suction cups on the bottom of the bread slicer to ensure it doesn’t slip while you’re using it.

Combine these unique features with an affordable price, and this is what we believe may be the best bread cutter for the everyday kitchen.

  • Compact design: Reviewers love the fold-up design of this slicer which makes for easy storage
  • Easy to clean: Many consumers have commented on how easily they can remove the stainless steel blade for quick and easy cleaning.
  • Safety features: Suction cups and the safety lock ensure safe use.
  • Great for bread: Reviewers have commented that this food slicer slices bread cleanly and efficiently.
  • Limited time to use: The manufacturer recommends you use this slicer for no more than five minutes at a time and that you give it 30 minutes to cool down between uses. That’s not a lot of time if you have a bunch of bread and other foods to slice.
  • Short power cord: Be sure to have an electric outlet nearby, as the power cord on this is only a few feet long.
  • Inconsistent cuts: Some reviewers have complained that the slices are inconsistent, thicker on one side than another and that the blade failed to cut cleanly through, leaving ragged edges.
  • Low power: A 100-watt motor isn’t suitable through meat with bones or fruits and veggies with larger seeds.

2. CUSIMAX Electric Bread Slicer Machine

Best Electric Bread Slicer For The Discriminating Chef
If you’re serious about slicing and concerned about power and quality, the CUSIMAX brand is a great investment for your kitchen.

This is a top-quality automatic bread cutter with a powerful 200-watt motor and a 7.5”, 420-stainless-steel blade. It will glide through your bread, cheese, meat, and fruits and veggies effortlessly and quickly. Thickness ranges from 1 to 15 mm. The motor is more powerful than the SuperHandy and the Chefman, which are also reviewed here.

It has a bearing and belt design that is better than Superhandy’s gear motor. You don’t have to lubricate the blade. All in all, the design and craftsmanship of the CUSIMAX ensures that whatever you’re cutting, the slices will be consistent and clean. The downside is the blade is not serrated, so it is not perfect for bread.

The majority of online reviews about this product are positive and remark on how easy the machine is to clean. Pieces are easily removed and can be popped into the dishwasher. It comes in silver or black to match your kitchen decor.

  • Powerful motor: A 200-watt motor ensures clean and effortless cuts every time.
  • Quality blade: 420 stainless steel is a high-carbon, corrosion-resistant metal that is perfect for knives and blades.
  • Warranty: CUSIMAX offers a 3-day hassle-free warranty and an 18-month promise. The machine is covered by product liability insurance in the USA.
  • Expensive: Expect to pay quite a bit more for the quality and craftsmanship that this bread cutter provides.
  • Not perfect for bread: The blade isn’t serrated, which makes cutting perfect bread slices more difficult.
  • Size: You better be serious about slicing when you buy this one, as it will take up quite a bit of counter space in your kitchen (11.8 x 9 x 10.2 inches).
  • Blade turns slowly: With a 200-watt motor, it is surprising that several online reviews mentioned the blades turn too slowly to cut cheeses and meats consistently.

3. Chefman Die-Cast Food Slicer Machine

Best Budget Electric Bread Slicer
This slicer from Chefman is a great addition to the kitchen of a budget-minded chef. If cost is your main concern, then this may be the bread cutter for you.

This model offers many of the features of more expensive brands but at a lower price-point. That would lower the quality, right? Not necessarily, as a majority of the online reviews for this product praise this unit’s ability to slice anything from bread to meats and cheeses and fruits and vegetables. It has a powerful 180-watt motor (Compared to SuperHandy’s 100-watt gear-based motor) that the manufacturer promises will cut through most of your foods with ease.

The stainless steel blade is larger than SuperHandy’s (7.5” compared to 6.7“). Chefman says the blade is easy to remove and clean. However, many of the reviews we researched said the claims weren’t true and that the slicer is quite difficult to remove and clean, which left many users frustrated.

  • One-year, hassle-free warranty: You can purchase with peace of mind that if anything goes wrong, Chefman promises to make it right.
  • Versatile: Cuts everything from meats and cheeses to bread and fruits and vegetables. From 1-15 mm thickness.
  • Powerful: A 180-watt motor gives this Chefman model some kick!
  • Price: This is one of the lowest-priced electric bread slicers on the market
  • Noisy: Many consumers commented on how noisy this slicer is. One said that it is louder than a vacuum cleaner.
  • Subpar quality: Users of this product remarked that the safety cups on the bottom of the machine do not hold it down while in use, making it unstable and potentially dangerous.
  • Takes up space: This slicer is larger than the SuperHandy model and will take up more space on your countertops and in your kitchen cupboards.
  • Difficult to clean: Several reviews mentioned that the blade and food pusher are difficult to remove and clean, despite the manufacturer’s claims that you can easily remove the food pusher with a push of a button.

4. Anescra Electric Bread Slicer Machine

This is another automatic bread slicer for your home is another product that caught our eye. The Anescra model has many of the features that our top-profiled models share and is a solid choice for slicing loaves of home-baked bread and more.

The first thing you notice when you look at Anescra’s product description is that the unit comes with two blades. One is serrated, which is perfect for bread. You can use the non-serrated blade for things such as meats, cheeses, and vegetables. Having two blades means more versatility, and the blades will stay sharp longer.

The other thing that stands out is that many reviewers rave at how easy this machine is to clean. All the bread slicers we researched say they’re easy to clean, but this particular model seems to live up to its claim. A removable ring-guard prevents food from building up the cutting surfaces, while the blade, slide-rod extension, food carriage, and food pusher are easily removable for quick and easy cleaning.

Anescara has designed its bread cutter with a powerful 200-watt motor which will easily cut through whatever you throw at it. The blades are 304 stainless steel which is corrosion resistant and safe for food.

  • Two blades: Unlike most slicers on the market, this one comes with two blades. One is serrated, and one is non-serrated. Use the serrated blade to cut perfect ¾” bread slices!
  • Powerful: At 200-watts, the motor is as powerful as it gets for domestic kitchen bread slicers.
  • Easy to clean: Consumers applaud this model and say it is easy to disassemble, clean, and put back together again.
  • Size: It is on the larger edge of the bread cutter spectrum.
  • Cost: It is more expensive than some of the budget-minded slicers with the same features.
  • Short operating time: Similar to the SuperHandy model, the manufacturer recommends a maximum operating time of five minutes, or it might get overheated.

5. Chef’s Choice Electric Bread Slicer

Your friends will be impressed not only by your perfectly cut charcuterie board but also by this bread slicer’s eye-catching design.

This is a more expensive model we’ve chosen to profile. It has a die-cast aluminum housing, so it’s corrosion-free and extra durable.

The food carriage is tilted for better and more efficient slicing, but it also has a larger capacity. That means you can slice extra-large loaves of artisan bread or full roasts or hams without cutting them in half first. The food carriage locks when not used to limit access to the blade when no one is using it. A nice safety feature.

Aluminum construction means that at less than five pounds, it is almost half the weight of all the other units we’ve profiled. However, it is still pretty large (15.5 x 10.38 x 11 inches), so if you have a small kitchen or little space on your kitchen counter, shelves, or cupboards, then this may be a bit big.

  • Powerful: The powerful motor runs with gears. However, the gears are made of plastic, so their durability is questionable.
  • Larger cutting carriage: You can cut larger items because the cutting carriage is expandable.
  • Lightweight: The unit weighs just 4.61 lbs, according to manufacturer specs. Aluminum construction is durable and light.
  • Price: It’s quite a bit more expensive than other models we have profiled.
  • It’s big: It may be lightweight, but it takes up a lot of space.
  • Fuse blows easily: Despite the claims that the motor is cool-running, some users of this product found it ran hot and blew fuses after only a few minutes of slicing.

How We Picked Electric Bread Slicers

Several factors make a great automatic bread slicer. We considered the products’ key features, consumer reviews, brand reputation, and online popularity. We also considered cost in relation to the product’s overall performance.

When it comes to determining the best electric bread slicer, we considered the following necessary aspects:

  • Convenient and efficient design: How much space does it take on your countertop? How quickly can you set it up and start slicing?
  • Versatility: Can your electric bread slicer cut more than bread? Many electric slicers are also designed to cut meats, cheeses, fruits, and vegetables. The more versatile the slicer, the more chance you will use it in your kitchen every day.
  • Easy to clean: Sure, it may be easy to set up and use, but is it quick and easy to clean? The last thing you want to be doing after slicing your bread is to spend 20 minutes taking it apart and cleaning it.
  • Safety: Electric bread cutters have moving blades that can be dangerous to you and your family. We looked at the products’ safety features and how they work.
  • Price: It may be a great product, but if you can’t afford it, then it’s not useful. So we found the products with the best features for the best price.

Now that we’ve cut up the methodology for you, let’s serve up our picks for the best electric bread slicers for home use!

How Electric Bread Slicers Compare vs. Manual Bread Cutters

When it comes to bread cutters for your home, there are two types: electric and manual. Electric bread slicers are more expensive, take up a lot of kitchen space, and require electricity to operate. Of course, they also make things so much easier, especially if you bake bread often and find yourself slicing it daily.

On the other hand, manual bread slicers are smaller, cheaper, and require a kitchen bread knife to cut the bread. They don’t require electricity (obviously) and are more suited to households that are limited on space and funding.

Regardless, if you are the occasional bread baker, or if you dive into a beautiful loaf of artisanal bread only once a month, then investing in a big, expensive bread slicer doesn’t make sense. An attractive, small bamboo or wooden bread slicer may be a better option. If that sounds like your style, then we recommend a serrated bread knife that is at least 10 inches long. You can also use an electric knife that will give you a cleaner cut.

However, if you are a busy bread baker or love to use artisanal loaves of bread in your home every day, then you may find an electric bread maker will save you time and energy.

The other bonus of an electric bread slicer is that it has many more uses. As you’ve seen, electric bread slicers aren’t just bread slicers, they are also great for meat, cheese fruits, and vegetables. They’re a versatile tool that you may quickly find yourself relying on.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Still have questions about electric bread slicers? We’ve got the answers you need!

Can I use my bread slicer for bagels or English muffins?

Not all bread slicers can accommodate other types of baking. Check the product description first to see if there is a bagel setting. If fresh-baked bagels are your thing you should look for special electric bagel slicers.

What’s better: An electric bread slicer or an electric knife?

An electric knife can indeed be very effective at cutting bread. If you have an electric knife with a serrated, reciprocating blade (a blade that moves back and forth in a sawing motion) you can swiftly cut through loaves of bread with ease. When combined with a manual bread slicer, you can also cut consistent widths. An electric kitchen knife will fit into a kitchen drawer.

However, an electric bread slicer is easier and safer to use. Manual bread slicers are made out of plastic or wood and are not that durable. Modern electric slivers are made of high-quality stainless steel and aluminum and will last for years to come.

How thick is a slice of bread?

The average thickness of a slice of bread differs from bakery to bakery and country to country. On average a slice of bread can range between 5mm and 20mm. An automatic bread slicer in your kitchen allows you to choose the thickness of your bread, so you get to decide what you want each time! You can even make Texas toast or rustic bread pudding.

Sliced bread was banned in the US?

Yes! As weird as it sounds, the United States government banned sliced bread as a wartime conservation measure in 1943. The government was trying to fight an increase in the price of bread and thought unsliced bread would be cheaper. The move resulted in a public outcry and the ban was reversed.

Final Thoughts

Any way you slice it, purchasing a new electric bread slicer is an exciting yet intimidating process. A quality and versatile bread slicer for your home use will save you time and effort in the kitchen, so you can concentrate on other more important things in your life.

Consider the main factors: materials, size, and price, and compare them to what you slice, how often you slice, and how big your kitchen is. We hope this list of the best electric bread slicers will help you choose the best model for your needs. Happy baking and thanks for reading our reviews. It’s been a slice!

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