Faux Snow, Real Fun: The Best Snow Machines To Buy Right Now

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There’s nothing quite like the childlike wonder of playing in the snow. Of course, the real stuff isn’t always so idyllic. The crunchy, icy road hazard that so often defines the snowy season is a far cry from the soft, powdery stuff you see in the movies. But it’s no secret that what you see in the movies isn’t always real — snow in movies can be made from anything from flour, sugar, fire extinguisher fluid or paper. Even asbestos was used at one time. And even the snow you see in real life isn’t always completely real. Ski resorts can spend millions running snow machines to make sure skiers have the best conditions possible. While this snow is generated artificially, the snow itself is real — it’s created using compressed air and water.

You can also buy snow machines for your home. Some of these use the same technology as those that you’d see at a ski resort — these machines artificially generate real snow. In order for them to work, they have to be used in the right conditions — it must be cold enough for real snow to fall. Then, there are the artificial snow machines. These produce foam that looks like snow. The advantage of these machines is that they’re often less expensive, and they can be used anywhere, in any season. The con is that, since the snow isn’t real, you can’t have a snowball fight or build a snowman. Most of the options on this list are the latter, artificial category, but we’ve also included a real snowmaker.

We’ve rounded up some of the best snow machines that you can buy online.


 1. Seasonal Visions Snow Machine


If you need a lower-powered and affordable option, this machine from Seasonal Vision has a 1-liter capacity and can spray snow up to 8 feet in the air, making it great for small events and playing in the yard. It can also be used indoors.

Image Courtesy of Walmart

Seasonal Visions Snow Machine


2. Tengchang Snow Machine


In real life, snow is white. But if you’re going to make fake snow, why not have fun with it? This machine has LED lights around the projector, allowing you to create a colored effect as the snow shoots into the air. There’s a convenient remote that allows you to set the color settings. The 1500W motor makes it a robust option.

Image Courtesy of Amazon

Tengchang Snow Machine


3. ADJ ENTOUR Professional Grade Snow Machine


One of the more powerful options on this list, this professional-grade snow machine from ADJ can project artificial snow at a distance of up to 12 meters, which is almost 40 feet. That makes it a great option for larger gatherings and events. The removable tank has a 5.6-liter capacity, while the built-in remote allows you to set timers and adjust the fan speed.

Image Courtesy of Walmart

ADJ Entour Snow Machine


4. TC-Home Snow Machine


This lightweight and portable option is great for small events or impressing the kids. The machine has a 600-watt motor and can project up to 6 meters. The tank has a 1-liter capacity, making it one of the smaller options on our list.

Image Courtesy of Amazon

TC Home Snow Machine


5. SG6 Xstream Snowmaker


If you want to make real snow at home, one of the best ways to do that is with a machine from Snow At Home. These machines use environmental conditions (it has to be cold outside) with compressed air and water to make snow. The machine is the same as what ski resorts use, but obviously on a smaller scale.

Image Courtesy of Snow at Home

Snow at Home Snowmaker


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