Bin blender

Many pharmaceutical processes require the blending of powders or other granular ingredients, the mixing of settled compounds, or the breaking up of caked or clumped materials before use. Traditional blending or mixing solutions require the transfer of the product into a secondary vessel. A dedicated blending device can agitate any vessel, which increases efficiency, return time and costs.

Automatic blending solution for all types of container from 5l to 2500l

The PalPharmaBlend from Palamatic is a universal blending solution for all types of pharmaceutical IBCs, drums, hoppers and more.

Able to handle containers weighing up to 2000kg, the PalPharmaBlend can rotate vessels at between 1 and 25 rpm. A range of safety barrier or scanner options is available for operator protection, and PLC GAMP or pneumatic controls may be fitted.

Extremely flexible, the PalPharmaBlend is available with a wide range of options, including fixed or mobile operation, automatic vertical or dock return, integration with a PalPharmaHoist for direct vertical elevation for delivery to process vessels and other machinery, and NIR and PAT options. A number of handling options are also available, including drum clamps, forks, and IBC cradles for all sizes.

Robustly constructed from mild steel, it can also be specified with up to 316L stainless for hygienic applications and does not use hydraulics, making it ideal for clean environments.


  • Can be used with any type of container from 5l up to 2,500l and 2,000kg
  • No hydraulics and stainless construction for hygienic environments
  • Easy integration with other systems including hoists
  • Full range of safety features available, including cages, barriers and scanners
  • Designed for free-standing operation with no top support
bin blender