Spice Up Your Professional Kitchen With Commercial Baking Equipment

Keeping your kitchen fully stocked with commercial bakery equipment is a must for any amateur or professional baker. Whether youre baking cookies, making donuts, or creating a stunning cake, having the right supplies is essential for pleasing your hungry customers. The types of bakery equipment you need will depend heavily on the kinds of tasty treats youre baking and the needs of your kitchen.

How to choose the right commercial bakery equipment

Some pieces of equipment are essential for almost any bakery. If youre starting a new bakery or replacing the equipment in your current business, youll need the following:

  • Mixers: Depending on your production size, youll likely want to have multiple mixers. Choose a dough mixer if youre looking to mix large quantities of dough. Vertical cutter mixers are ideal for quick production. If you want a mixer that can mix a variety of products, a planetary mixer, such as the Omcan 20-QT, is a good choice.
  • Dough dividers: If youre cutting a large amount of dough, this piece of equipment automates the process and ensures that youre getting an equal cut for each piece. Dough dividers come in manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic varieties.
  • Display cases: These pieces of equipment help entice your customers to buy your delicious goods while, at the same time, keeping them fresh. They come refrigerated or heated, and some cases are designed for customers to serve themselves.
Which brands make commercial bakery equipment?

While selecting your next commercial bakery equipment piece, keep the brand youre buying from in mind as each excels in different areas. A few of the top brands of bakery equipment for sale are the following:

  • Empire Bakery Equipment: This company focuses on developing reliable equipment.
  • Doyon: Known for its bakery proofers and pizza ovens, this manufacturer directs its attention to quality and service.
  • TMB Baking: A manufacturer of full-service bakery equipment, TMB Baking also offers clients custom solutions.
Is it a good idea to buy used bakery equipment?

Buying new means you wont need to pay for repairs on a piece of equipment for a long time, but buying used equipment saves money. If you want to find a great value on preowned bakery equipment, search for gently used items and inquire how often the equipment was used, what purposes it was used for, and any issues the product had. Buying used is also a way to obtain a favorite piece of equipment that the manufacturer no longer produces.