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Car and Truck Engine Components

Looking for a part of the internal combustion engine in your vehicle? As a complicated contraption with dozens of components, there is a variety of car and truck engine components and accessories that you may end up needing for your vehicle. A comprehensive collection of car and truck parts is available, so youre sure to find the component that suits your automotive needs.

What do roller lifters do in an engine?

Lifters, also called tappets, ride on the camshafts in an engine and serve the vital purpose of lifting the pushrods. The pushrods then exert pressure on the rocker arm, causing the engine valves to open and close. While conventional lifters are cylindrical and waste energy through friction, roller lifters feature a wheel on the bottom that rides smoothly on the cam lobe. Roller lifters are efficient and used in racing applications tha require a high speed.

What does a cover gasket do in an engine block?

The valve cover gasket is an easy-to-overlook, flexible part that is integral to the proper functioning of an engine. When installed properly and free of damage or defects, this gasket creates a pressure seal inside of an internal combustion engine. A properly functioning cover gasket maintains a seal and ensures that no fluid leaks out of the engine.

How do you install a new cylinder head?

The cylinder head caps the engine block and covers the interior components of an internal combustion engine. Replacing this essential component requires basic shop tools and one to two hours of labor. Always consult your service manual for detailed instruction, but replacing a cylinder head generally follows these basic steps.

  • Remove the head bolts holding the old cylinder head into place. Remove the cylinder head and discard the bolts.
  • Remove the old head gasket and thoroughly clean all connecting surfaces, the intake manifold, and the block cover.
  • Position the new valve cover gasket into place first, then set the new cylinder head on top of it, making sure that the cylinder head is facing the right way.
  • Using new head bolts, securely bolt the new cylinder head into place. Use a torque wrench to torque the bolts to the specifications in your maintenance manual.
  • Fill and bleed the cooling system with coolant to the manufacturers specifications to complete the installation.

What is the purpose of a timing chain?

The timing chain in a car or truck, which serves the same purpose as a timing belt, controls the intervals at which the valves in an engine open and close. This metal chain connects the camshaft, which controls the opening and closing of the valves to the crankshaft. The crankshaft is, in turn, connected to the transmission, which causes the wheels to move. As the pistons move up and down, this kinetic energy has to be transmitted into rotation by the crankshaft, and the timing chain or belt synchronizes the camshaft and the crankshaft so that they both move at the same speed for optimal performance and power.