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Innovative home gym equipment designed to contour, sculpt, and strengthen the body is the foundation built upon the Body Solid Home Gym.

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Our fitness equipment stores have an extensive catalog of gym equipment and accessories, such as multi-station gyms, free weight machines, treadmills, ellipticals, weight plates, dumb bells, and kettle bells. We serve both residential and commercial customers including police departments, schools, and medical rehab facilities.

About Body Solid Home Gyms At Total Fitness Equipment

All of the Body Solid home gyms and equipment are packaged with resiliency and performance in mind.  These unique fitness models come designed as functional trainers, single-stack gyms, multi-stack gyms, and free-weight gyms. It is designed for both personal home and health facility use, emphasizing the idea of safety and durability. The exclusive construction features a strong, challenging mainframe and parts, electrostatically coated for protection and simple cleaning; DuraFirm pads with tear resistant feature and firm support; cables engineered to meet U.S. Military specifications; smooth transitioning pivot points; versatile, solid-steel red-stack plates; and impact-resistant pulleys. Each structure is based on an ergonomic design with comfort in mind using the latest in core gym technology. These products supply the ability to achieve optimal body benefits through many different applications. The body shapers boast affordability, physique-changing and maintaining results, and a Life-Time Warranty.

For the 25th Anniversary celebration of the birth of the Body Solid Home Gym, specialty equipment has been finely produced. There is a limited edition G6B25yr home gym in a single-stack form, compact design, and an array of body exercises. One of its highlights is a patented, bi-angular converging press platform for optimal positioning and resistance ability. Another Anniversary production is the BB25 Bicep Bomber. This apparatus concentrates on the bicep muscles, providing the ability to obtain quick and noticeable results.

With a consistent, high-quality standard of production, each part of the home gyms and fitness equipment is built in an ISO-9000 certified facility. These well-constructed, fitness-geared products are then made readily available for fast shipment to meet the customers’ personal and business needs.  This high-quality fitness equipment is complimented by a professional and knowledgeable customer service team, providing information and ordering in a fluid process.

We aim to be your fitness partner by supplying our customers with solid, convenient fitness equipment, that supports a healthy lifestyle.  If you’re interested in purchasing a Body-Solid Home Gym, contact us today!

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