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A complete system requires the proper induction heater, coil, braze material, flux, fixtures, cooling, and temperature control. Why waste time calling half a dozen different vendors when Braze Solutions can provide a custom turnkey system for your specific application. Call us today to discuss your specific application. Below are three categories of brazing equipment.

Automatic Brazing Equipment

Our automatic brazing equipment allows for high volume production for all you brazing needs. Each machine is custom engineered and built to fit your exact needs. Your machine will include a full range of features including:


  1.  Automatic assembly
  2. Automatic flux and braze application
  3. Automatic temperature sensing
  4. Proper coil design
  5. Complete system diagnostics
  6. Touch screen operator interface
  7. PLC control
  8. Closed loop cooling
  9. Automatic discharge
  10. Plug-n-Play installation


Semi-Automatic Brazing Equipment

Just like our automatic machine, our semi-automatic machine is also engineered and built to your exact needs. The semi-automatic machine provides the perfect combination of speed, flexibility and value.


  1.  Operator assembly of components
  2. Operator applied braze and flux material
  3. Automatic fixturing of components
  4. Automatic brazing of components
  5. Proper coil design
  6. Touch screen operator interface
  7. PLC control
  8. Closed loop cooling system
  9. Plug-n-Play installation

* Optional inert atmosphere is also available.

Manual Brazing Equipment

Our Manual machines are also engineered and built specifically for your application. This machine is perfect for low volume operations while providing quality repeatable parts. What others may charge for just an induction heater, BSL can provide a complete turn-key solution that is safe to operate.


  1.  Manually fixture components with pneumatic controls (switches)
  2. Operator assembly of components
  3. Optional Pyrometer control
  4. Proper coil design
  5. Plug-n-Play installation

* Optional inert atmosphere is also available.

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Diamond Tipped Tools 


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