Bread slicing machine

Any Way You Cut it, There is a Commercial Bread Slicing Machine for any Job

Bread is a staple that is enjoyed as a regular part of many people’s diets. Sliced bread is something found in most bakeries and just about any grocery store. Customers can get anything from thick slices of Texas toast to thin slices of bread for the most delicate of tea sandwiches when they buy their bread from a bakery or a store equipped with a commercial bread slicing machine.

Some stores have bread slicers available for customers to use themselves, while others are set up so that an employee looks after slicing the bread for customers on request. Many slicing machines are easy to operate. For safety and liability reasons, you may only want employees using the slicing machines.

How to Choose a Commercial Bread Slicing Machine

When looking at different models of bread slicers, one way to make a decision about which one to invest in is by looking at the number of loaves you need to slice per hour. If you have a very busy bakery, you may have an idea that you need a certain number of loaves of sliced bread per hour to fill orders. In a situation where you are operating a grocery store, you may not be certain how many customers will need sliced bread per day. In that instance, you may want to look at other factors, such as the size of the machine or user-friendliness.

Examples of Commercial Bread Slicing Machines from JAC

JAC carries several models of commercial bread slicing machines. The following are some examples:

New Self Automatic Self-Service Slicer

The New Self was designed to be used for self-service. It is easy to use and its locking covers make it a very safe machine. The New Self is mounted on wheels which make it easy to move from place to place inside a busy grocery store. This machine has a maximum capacity of 200 loaves per hour.

Duro Progressive Traction Lever Slicer

This option is JAC’s best-selling bread slicer. It has a maximum capacity of 260 loaves per hour and is equipped with a horizontal slicing plate for maximum versatility. It is offered in two different cutting widths (45 cm and 60 cm). The Duro 600 can also be outfitted with a dual-slice feature and the Duro 450 is available in a “misch” version. This type gives you blade lubrication for “sticky” bread.

Slim Self Circular Blade Slicer

The Slim Self is a compact bread slicing machine. Its vertical cutting system takes much less space than a frame slicer. Choose slice thicknesses ranging from 5 mm to 25 mm using a handy touch screen. This machine is safe to use since the bread is placed safely inside before any cutting begins. The Slim Self cuts between 110-130 slices per minute.


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