How Is a Home Elevator Different from a Commercial Elevator?

Elevators have long been used in commercial buildings, but they are becoming increasingly common in private homes. Many of the same elevator types and features are available in both commercial and residential elevators, but home elevators are not subject to the same size and weight requirements as commercial lifts.

Commercial elevators are required to adhere to standards set by elevator code ANSI A17.1 and the Americans with Disabilities Act. These regulations set minimum size and weight requirements for commercial elevators that depend on their location and the number of floors, rooms, or apartment units they serve.

Office building, hospital passenger, and hotel elevators must be 6’8″ wide and 5’5″ deep and able to transport 3,500 pounds. Residential commercial elevators should be 6’8″ wide and 4’3″ deep with a capacity of 2,500 pounds. Service elevators must be at least 5’4″ wide and 8’5″ deep and able to carry 4,500 pounds. Hospital vehicle service elevators must be 5’9″ wide and 10′ deep and have a weight capacity of 6,000 pounds.

Residential elevators are not subject to these minimum size and weight requirements. They tend to be smaller, which enables them to fit into spaces in private homes that are not large enough for commercial elevators. While they are not required to be large enough to fit a wheelchair, many residential elevators are.

The same types of elevators that are used in commercial buildings can also be used in homes. Residential elevators are available in traction drive, hydraulic, winding drum, and pneumatic models. Some of them require a machine room, while others do not. Home elevators are equipped with many of the same safety features found in commercial elevators.

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