4 Head Can Filler

Designed to Fit Small Spaces and Tight Budgets

$28,000 + Shipping


Our industry-leading 4-head can fillers are automatic can filling machines, uniquely engineered to help take your canning operations to the next level. Featuring double pre-evacuation counter pressure filling, our machinery offers the most effective method to minimize dissolved oxygen during packaging. Whether you’re new to canned beverage filling or are gearing up for an increase in distribution, we’ve got you covered. Our machinery is well known as the most dependable and affordable option for small craft beverage makers on the market. Your time is valuable, and we understand how overwhelming getting started with craft beverage canning can be. For questions regarding our 4-head can fillers or other automatic can filling machines feel free to contact us today.

Standard Features

  • Double Pre-Evacuation Counter Pressure filling

  • Simple fill speed control

  • Automatic Can fill detection

  • Under Lid Gassing

  • Fills 12oz & 16oz (33cl & 50cl) cans 211 body 202 ends

  • Tank and CO2 pressure sensing and temperature monitoring with on screen readout

  • Automatic Lid Placement

  • Automatic Seaming

  • 12-16 Cans per minute

can filling machine