Cannabis/Hemp Centrifuge

A Centrifuge is a type of closed-loop extractor that mixes and separates in one vessel. The centrifugal method requires roughly 10-20min of residence time (depending on SOP) and operates using relatively minimal amounts of solvent. Ethanol is a powerful solvent. 

Our Centrifuges employ Bi-directional Agitation to achieve 97% Alcohol Removal and 98% Botanical Compound Removal. Ethanol is highly effective and efficient when extracting cannabinoids from biomass and scaling production.

Our Centrifuges are designed for a Single Operator and feature a Siemens Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for consistent batch quality with every run. 

We offer 5 standard models/sizes to choose from to meet your production requirements:

Estimated Throughput


300lbs per 8hr Shift / 15lbs per Batch


600lbs per 8hr Shift / 30lbs per Batch


1000lbs per 8hr Shift / 50lbs per Batch


1800lbs per 8hr Shift / 90lbs per Batch


3000lbs per per 8hr Shift / 150lbs per Batch



Standard Features & Hardware:

  • Siemens Touch Screen PLC

  • Insulated Jacket

  • TECO Explosion Proof Motor

  • Reinforced Sight Glasses

  • All Wetted Parts 304/316L

  • 2” Tri-Clamp Drain Port

  • GMP/UL Listed

  • Higher throughput when paired with a Chiller*


*It has been found that if the ethanol is cooled to around -20°C to -40°C, it will reduce post-processing steps typically required when using warm ethanol. This is because reducing the temperature reduces the amount of undesired compounds (like waxes and fats/lipids) present in the extracted product. For cold ethanol extraction, a centrifuge will be paired with a Chiller. 


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