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WestRock's corrugated packaging is one of North America’s leading, vertically integrated manufacturers, offering a broad range of converting capabilities and high-quality corrugated materials and machines designed to protect, promote, deliver and display your products.


Whether you need a unique shape, a special reinforced structure, a shelf-ready solution, simple one-color box or a dynamic display, our experienced team creates and delivers solutions that matter to you by:


  • Lowering your total cost through the supply chain and developing sustainable solutions to minimize the environmental impact throughout the package life-cycle
  • Growing sales with innovative designs and dynamic shelf appeal for unique consumer experiences
  • Minimizing your risk with time-tested designs, sales support, unparalleled machine performance and a coast-to-coast footprint
  • Improving your sustainability with increased use of renewable and recyclable resources.

Our integrated packaging solutions include the Packaging Consulting Group, who will evaluate your production line and recommend technology-based solutions for packaging efficiencies. In addition, we’ll suggest ways to maximize, simplify or modify your container designs to optimize packaging and processes.

Automated Packaging Systems provides machine integration that works seamlessly and efficiently with your existing lines to simplify end-of-line packaging and palletizing. Graphic Solutions maintains your brand’s image through consistent graphic adaptation to structure and printing processes, prepress checks and high impact preprint so you stand out on the shelf. 

Our Business Intelligence is derived from strategic insights and deep industry and market expertise to envision great ideas and packaging solutions that provide a unique business value.  

We want to celebrate your success like it’s our own. That’s what we call Winning Together.

  • Mandrel-Forming Technology
  • Packaging Consulting Group
  • Graphic Solutions

Automated Packaging Systems

WestRock’s Automated Packaging Systems division (APS) designs and manufactures a complete line of precision semi and fully-automatic case equipment, available in both standard and customized configurations which are able to handle a wide variety of products and line speeds. APS is strategically linked to our container division where we integrate our machines with our corrugated containers, providing value added solutions to our customers. We thoroughly evaluate your requirements and create the system which will do the best job of protecting and showcasing your products for a positive impact on your bottom line.

Learn more about our APS capabilities.

Mandrel-Forming Technology

Our Meta® Systems' precision forming technology offers superior equipment flexibility and speed and sets a new standard in container strength and sustainability. Corrugated containers are formed around a fixed mandrel, minimizing case-skew and maximizing structural integrity. The resulting cases outperform comparable regular slotted cases (RSC's) with increased stacking strength, greater shelf differentiation, improved box performance and fully recyclable materials.

The Meta Systems technology improves your line performance with precisely formed cases, every time, in speeds of up to 55 cases per minute, with side or vertical product loading. Flat, corrugated blanks optimize your supply chain by reducing your storage footprint and minimizing both waste and transportation costs. No longer limited to just ordinary four-sided cases, this unique case forming process allows for three, four, five, six, seven or eight-sided cases and quick or minimal equipment change-over between box sizes with similar footprints.

Contact us to get more information on how the Meta® Systems technology can improve your overall production and supply chain operations.

Packaging Consulting Group

WestRock’s Packaging Consulting Group is a strategic team focused on delivering bottom line contribution to our customers, utilizing the disciplined application of WestRock Corrugated resources and services throughout the customer supply chain. Our consultative approach provides an in depth, holistic analysis of your supply chain cost-of-ownership with the goal of providing:

  • Innovative, technology based solutions for your unique operation
  • Automation and/or enhanced production line efficiencies
  • Graphic Solutions for improved marketing and branding opportunities
  • Sustainability improvements that are in line with your Corporate Sustainability practices

Contact us for more information on a Packaging Consulting Group analysis of your operation.

Graphic Solutions


of U.S. consumers reported considering product packaging more when making an in-store purchase.

Packaging matters now more than ever and WestRock is committed to providing graphic packaging solutions that consistently deliver your brand message and influence purchasing behaviors. We are an industry leader in uniting structural design and graphics for packaging to deliver world-class results that protect and promote your unique products and deliver your message.

Learn more about our high impact Graphic Solutions.

A Variety of Solutions

We have a broad range of container configurations and packaging systems, so we've provided search filters that allow you to find the solutions that are the best match to your unique specifications. Start your search now.

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Your packaging challenges and needs evolve like your customer base. WestRock understands both. 

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