Cosmos Automatic Dosa Making Machine for Commercial Kitchen

26 Aug 2020

A survey carried out by a popular food delivery app in India puts Dosa right at the top of the table, alongside Idli, as the most popular breakfast dishes in South India. The variety of Dosas too served especially in South Indian restaurants is simply staggering, as every Dosa is prepared with a unique flavour and curry. And this means an automatic Dosa machine is indispensible for the bulk production of Dosas in a continuous process. EssEmm is a household name in the manufacture and supply of heavy duty commercial kitchen equipment to some of the biggest popular restaurant and hotel chains in India and abroad.

EssEmm has rolled out its Automatic Dosa Machine under the brand name of ‘Cosmos’ for today’s highly demanding commercial kitchen. The Cosmos Automatic Dosa Machine can churn out 350 to 500 Dosas per hour continually, all at the touch of a button. Talking about its features, the Therotating tawa is gas fired, and comes fitted with a scrapper that helps flatten the batter to a nice, smooth finish for relatively crispier dosas. Speed control can be adjusted suitably as required to achieve the desired production levels.

The Cosmos Automatic Dosa Machine is simple to handle, and can be operated by anyone with a bit of formal training. Therefore, there’s no need to hire a skilled chef for operating this automatic Dosa making machine. Also, the quality of dosas served in a restaurant or fast-food will be consistent across all its branches or outlets anywhere.

As for its construction, the Automatic Dosa Machine is made of a robust metal frame with premium-grade quality Stainless Steel (SS) housing. There is a 30-litre capacity batter hopper built with a mixing tool inside of it. A container for water and oil is provided for continuously spraying on the tawa. The Cosmos commercial Dosa making machine is integrated with an auto ignition system having three top electrical heaters—each of 1kW capacity. Oil consumption is comparatively less between 750ml to 1 litre per hour and so is the gas Consumption that is 1.25kg per hour. EssEmm, as one of the leading commercial Dosa making machine manufacturers in Coimbatore has a long list of clientele that have been already using this commercial kitchen machine for greater ease of operation and improved efficiency.