Dry & Rehydrated Bean Cleaning Equipment

For many years, OLNEY has been a leader in bean washing and destoning machinery. For all bean varieties (pinto, black, lentils, garbanzo, navy, etc.), even after triple cleaning, flotation and destoning is a necessity.

The OLNEY line includes several model machines that can provide flotation cleaning for removing stick and pod material, as well as destoners for removing heavy sinking trash, such as stones and mudballs. These units can be installed for running dry beans or rehydrated beans, although flotation cleaning is more efficient with dry product and stone removal is more efficient with rehydration.

G.J. Olney, Inc.

Over 90 years as a leading manufacturer and designer of equipment and systems for the food processing industry.

OLNEY GP Flotation/Destoning Washer

The GP Model provides a combination of flotation, as well as destoning for removing heavy sinking trash such as stones and mudballs.

OLNEY VC Vibro Cleaner Destoner

The VC Model machine provides heavy trash removal, such as stones and mudballs. Quite often the VC unit is positioned directly after soaking or blanching.

OLNEY Bean Flotation Washer

Prior to bean rehydration, whether soaking or blanching, the OLNEY Flotation Washer is used for removing light floating trash, such as sticks, pods and bag strings.

For over 90 years, G.J. Olney, Inc. has been a leader in the manufacturing and design of standard and custom equipment for the food industry. Our equipment line covers machinery for cleaning, trimming and grading a variety of vegetables and fruits prior to freezing, canning or fresh packaging, including flotation and destoning washers, green bean snippers and unsnipped bean removers, cluster cutters, dewatering shakers and reels, conveyors, and size and density graders. We specialize in custom machinery developed for your needs.