WELDBrush the first in
carbon brush electro-chemical stainless weld-cleaning.

  • Stainless finishing

  • Electro polishing

  • Efficient, effective stainless weld cleaning

  • ​Compact, workshop rugged, light and powerful 

  • Cleaning brass, copper & bronze surfaces

Cleans & Polishes Metal Welds With Ease

This fast and inexpensive Weld Brush is compact, rugged, acid resistant, and easy to carry.

Each unit, will clean stainless steel, brass, and bronze.

As well as cleaning, the unit can electro-polish, mark, or brush electro-etch the same metals.




WELDBrush the innovators, inventors and perfecters of stainless weld-cleaning.

WELDBrush pioneered the use of carbon fibre brushes in weld cleaning. This (much imitated) innovation is the  greatest cost saving and efficiency enabler introduced into the stainless weld cleaning process in decades.  

Robust Design

It is the longevity of the WELDBrush machines that set them apart. They have a high attention to quality and detail. WELDBrush machines have a 100% process operating cycle and are free of the problem of overheating which causes loss of productivity and reduces the efficiency and life of other weld cleaning machines. 

  • Powerful, fast and cost effective WELDBrush is compact, workshop rugged, acid resistant, light and portable.

  • ​​The unit will electro-polish, mark, or brush electro-etch metals.

  • The efficiency, build quality and built-in-robustness of WELDBrush is unequalled.

History of carbon fibre brush weld cleaning starts with WELDBrush

The carbon fibre conductive brush delivering the optimal combination of electricity, heat and chemistry for faster, safer weld cleaning and metal surface finishing was first conceived and developed by Bill Bunting of Keztek/WELDBrush

WELDBrush continued to lead innovation in weld cleaning with the first Patented Sliding Shroud that focusses energy and protects the brushes.

The WELDBrush range of weld cleaners are sealed, protecting the electronics against the acid fumes that dramatically shorten the life of other machines.

Faster, safer, easier, lower cost weld cleaning is possible for your business today because of 
WELDBrush's ongoing investment in innovation. Your business is safer with the cost effective rugged reliability of WELDBrush technology.

Sliding Shroud For Cleaning In Tight Spaces

​Our patented Sliding Shroud - the white insulating shroud at the end of the wand, protects the shell of the brush shorting in confined spaces, enabling effective weld cleaning even in tight corners.  By restricting the splay of the brush, the shroud concentrates the cleaning power into a smaller, and better defined area while prolonging the life of the brush.

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The WELDBrush 450 is our basic model with a variable power level and 2 functions.
1. Cleaning and passivation
2. Marking


The WELDBrush 500 is the advanced version of the WELDBrush 450. It has more power, thereby cleaning welds faster.

This type has a variable power level and 4 functions.
1. Cleaning and passivation
2. Marking

3. Electro-polishing

4. Electro-plating


The WELDBrush 700 is the advanced version of the WELDBrush 500, making it the fastest and most powerful weld cleaner on the market.

This type has a variable power level and 4 functions.
1. Cleaning and passivation
2. Marking

3. Electro-polishing

4. Electro-plating

WELDBrush's most advanced weld cleaner

cleanTIG BE50 -
Weld Cleaning Solution

cleanTIG BE75 -

Weld Cleaning Solution

cleanTIG BN60 -

Neutraliser Solution

All available in 1L & 5L containers


Weldbrush the original and the best. Every other weld cleaning brush is a copy.


Accessories that feature with your Weldbrush 450, 500 or 700.

Optional metal etching printing kit enables permanent etching of stainless steel, brass, copper and aluminum


How WELDBrush works? (Electro-Chemical Weld Cleaning)

Effective finishing of Stainless Steel is crucial.  Weld cleaning and oxidization removal was previously considered arduous, time consuming and even dangerous. 


WELDBrush Electro-Chemical weld cleaning technology both cleans and passivates metal surfaces with high-current light arcs in one step. Using the carbon fibre brushes and using a mild food grade phosphoric acid, our compact powerful units make light work of removing burns and oxidization. Electro-Chemical weld cleaning is not only cost effective and extremely quick, but is also very safe in comparison to the hazardous process of applying pickling paste. This method also eradicates the need for costly reworking, that is the case when physically abrading welds clean. 

Cleaning with Carbon Fibres

Carbon fibres are excellent conductors. Our high-quality carbon fibre brushes conduct high-power current to the work piece. This current removes tarnish, heat stains, oxidation layers and even minor scaling at high speed without damaging the surface at all. The electrolyte liquid is used to increase electrical conductivity and provide a degree of cooling.  Evaporation generates a protective gas atmosphere that protects against new corrosion. The split-off oxygen forms chromium dioxide during the cleaning process – which restores the protective passivation layer.  The cleaning effect is not achieved by etching or pickling, but almost exclusively through the extremely high energy density. Our cleaning electrolyte is a non-poisonous food additive – which is also used in soft drinks. 

Polishing Function

WELDBrush technology has AC/DC variable current that facilitates direct current (DC) mode for high gloss polishing solution. Strong discoloration can be removed or evened out and dull areas on both sides of the heat-impact zone can be treated to the desired level of gloss. 


Marking/Etching removes parts of the surface – like engraving, and will leave the same flawless durable finish resistant against heat, chemicals and abrasion. 
Not only will you save time and money in manufacturing costs,
WELDBrush units all have a very low cost to run giving you a much quicker return on your investment.

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