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Gas aseptic filling and packaging system

Gas aseptic filling and packaging system for sachets / T-pouch shot filling and packaging machine

While responding to increasingly sophisticated product needs, Orihiro Engineering is in charge of the design, development and manufacturing departments of the Orihiro Group’s packaging machinery and food machinery. We aim to be a "development proposal type manufacturer" with technology and strategy. By adding innovative ideas and the latest technology to the know-how we have cultivated so far, we are always taking on the challenge of developing machines that are ahead of the times.

Business content

Machinery business / Design, development and production of food packaging machines, Development, design and manufacture of food processing machines

Packaging machine
- Onpack series

Flexible packaging is the most environmentally friendly packaging form with the least environmental impact. Orihiro is working to enhance the benefits of flexible packaging and adapt it to a sustainable society, such as reducing the weight of resin, making it more compact, reusing it, and recycling it.

Aseptic filling and packaging system / Gas type aseptic filling and packaging system

The aseptic filling and packaging system completely protects food from harmful microorganisms and enables storage, distribution and sale at room temperature. The gas aseptic filling system is an epoch-making system that can sterilize packaging materials and filling machines at low temperature with hydrogen peroxide gas. Unlike the conventional wet sterilization method using liquid hydrogen peroxide solution (wet type), the sterile environment can be maintained dry.

Pillow pouch packaging

This is a basic packaging form that represents Orihiro's packaging machines. Orihiro's machinery was a pioneer and is used as a delivery container for restaurant chains and fast food around the world.

Stand up pouch packaging

It is a popular packaging form with a high display effect. Onpack's stand up pouch filler has the flexibility for pouch shapes and sizes, design cut, spout shapes, etc.

T-pouch packaging

This is a packaging form originally developed by Orihiro. It features a straight cut, which makes it easy to open and there is no need to worry about dripping when opening. It is an eco-friendly pouch that can reduce the cost of the spout because it has a spout shape that can be drunk directly from the mouthpiece.

Four-side seal packaging (three-side seal packaging)

"three-side / four-side seal pouch" suitable for various food packaging including retort foods.

Total system with packaging machine

We provide total support for the construction of optimal production lines, from consultations on automation and mechanization to planning of food processing plants including packaging machines.

Sterilization / cooling system with continuous retainer and low-temperature steam (pouch jelly production line)

Continuous shower cooling machine

Konjac manufacturing plant

Konjac is a traditional food that has been eaten in Japan for a long time. In recent years, konjac has received more attention from all over the world as a healthy food that is rich in dietary fiber and has few calories. The Machinery Division develops and provides high-performance and unique machines, from konjac and shirataki manufacturing machines to kneading machines and packaging machines.

Large format konjac production system

Shirataki Noodles production system


Shirataki Noodles

Organic konjac

Factories for development and manufacturing

We have a three-factories, consisting of a domestic development factory, a high-precision parts processing factory, and a Chinese factory to quickly respond to diversifying customer needs with high quality.

Takasaki Factory

It is a factory that researches and develops technologies for the next generation. Building A with machine adjustment and research space. Building B where machine prototypes and customer demonstrations are conducted. We are engaged in daily research and development of cutting-edge technology that leads the packaging industry.

Takasaki Factory

Development / design

Adjustment factory

Tomioka Factory

This is a factory dedicated to processing for manufacturing high-precision parts. We have built a consistent production system with our own processing technology, and have become a machining factory to respond quickly to global needs.

Tomioka Factory

Five-sided processing machine

Laser machine


Here is a Chinese machine manufacturing factory with Orihiro's Chinese sales office. It is positioned as a base for market development in East Asia. We manufacture, sell and repair machines and parts.