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Welcome to the website of Nihon Itomic Co., Ltd.,
a pioneer maker in Japan for commercial electric water heaters.

For over a half century, we’ve been a leading manufacturer of electric water heaters for commercial use, covering from R&D, production, sales, to customer care.

Nihon Itomic is one of the oldest in the industry, and has been renowned for its faithfulness to our clients since the foundation in 1948.
We keep answering to the calls of industrial need for hot water with the state-of-the-art technology and energy-efficient solutions, on top of the reliable after service.

“Knowing people” “Knowing things” “Knowing time”

Our philosophy starts with “Knowing”

These philosophical back bones are foremost important to our everyday business execution, which in turn, we believe, contributes to the society with innovative hot water solutions.

To make it visible, not only have we obtained ISO9001 from the early stage on, but also kept “offering people the environment with safe and comfortable hot water corresponding to the individual needs. (Company motto) ”

We will step up efforts for further satisfaction of our customers.

ChairmanHirotaka Ito

PresidentHirofumi Moriya


Company name Nihon Itomic Co., Ltd.
Business Plan, design, develop, manufacture, sell, and maintain commercial-use
water heaters, boilers, instantaneous water heaters, hot water storage tank, sink unit with electric water heater, CO2 Heat Pump Water Heater, supply hot water units, faucets and fittings.
Headquarters Tokyo Skytree East Tower 24F, 1-1-2, Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo131-0045
TEL:81-3-3621-2121 FAX:81-3-3621-2130
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Established 1948
Chairman Hirotaka Ito
President Hirofumi Moriya
Factories Several domestic locations
Officially approved by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan as a manufacturer of electrical appliances; Certified by local waterworks bureau and Japan Water Works Association; Approved building contractor for plumbing work.
Membership The Japan Electrical Manufacturers’ Association; Japan Boiler Association; Japan Federation of Mechanical&Electrical Consulting Firms Association
Capital 100 million yen
Employees 240 (total as a group)


CO2 Heat Pump Water Heater (Eco-Cute)

A. Pioneer of CO2 heat pump water heater Japan maybe the most advanced country in CO2 heat pump water heater, and Nihon Itomic is the world-first company to develop this monumental technology for industrial-use. More than 3,000 units have been sold including the sales for oversea countries such as Korea, China, Taiwan, Australia, South Africa and so on since the launch in 2003.

  • Y-Frame

    A reputable large size CO2 Heat Pump Water Heater with drastic downsizing and high performance with its characteristic design of Y-shape, realizing the high efficiency and durability to meet the demand of heavy hot water load. Y-shape configuration enables the installation in the limited availability of space and structural tolerance. The model has been overwhelmingly popular ever since the start of its sales, back in 2011.
    Heating ability: 65kW

  • Medium size 35kW

    For more and more cases, high performance is required for installation in the cold district. CHP-35kW unit, compared with 26kW model, has better performance even in the area where the ambient temperature falls low. The unit size becomes even smaller thanks to optimizing the product lay-out. Four-language (Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean) LCD touch panel remote control is available. (option) Heating ability:35kW

  • Small size 15kW

    It very well meets the hot water need of small size facilities and stores. The compact size also makes installation and carrying-in so easy. Various settings – stoppage function on the regular closing day, peak-cutting function, reheating setting to name a few. – are available by using the multi-functional remote control. (optional) Heating ability:15kW

Case Study Details of Itomic CO2 Heat Pump water Heaters

Oversea Installations of Itomic CO2 Heat Pump Water Heaters

Electric Water Heater

B. Itomic as a leading company in business-use electric water heater Since the foundation in 1948, Nihon Itomic has been a leading manufacturer of this industry and introducing more than 2,300 models to domestic and world-wide markets. Our products are delivered to over 30,000 premises annually, whether it is public, commercial, or oversea. Installations.

  • Small-size electric water heater

    Thanks to the variety of product ranges in applications, hot water volumes, temperature settings, and more useful features, millions of the product line have been installed across the country since the foundation of the company. One never fails to find the right product, whether it is for drinking coffee, dish washing, or hand washing.

  • Instantaneous electric water heater

    Different from a storage type water heater, this tankless water heater heats water directly on demand with a large-capacity heater. It delivers a steady stream of heated water whenever a tap is tuned on. Suitable for facilities consuming a high volume of hot water, and also for the sites where hot water consumption is not consistent. The heating capacity is available from 5kW to 40kW, from hand washing to shower usage.

  • Large-size electric water heater

    This series covers from an application suitable for small volume, such as for a household in a multiple dwelling house, to a larger installation like the central hot water supply for the entire building floors. Among the wide product range with the tank choice from 150L to 20,000L+ and the advanced heating functions, to name a few, one sure will find the most suitable product in this series.


Government /Public facilities
  • The Supreme Court
  • Japan Mint of Ministry of Finance
  • Narita International Airport
  • Bank of Japan
  • Kansai International Airport
  • Post Offices
  • State Guest House in Akasaka, Tokyo
  • Highway Parking Areas/Service Areas
  • Tokyo Fire Department
  • Water and sewage plants
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department
  • Japan Railway stations
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Subway stations
  • French Embassy
  • Embassy of Italy
  • British Embassy
  • Embassy of Basil
  • China Embassy
  • Australian Embassy
  • American Embassy
  • Embassy of Mexico
  • Korean Embassy
  • German Embassy
  • Canadian Embassy
  • Embassy of United Arab Emirates
  • Hilton Hotel
  • ANA Hotel
  • Sheraton Hotel
  • Nikko Hotels
  • Disney Ambassador Hotel
  • Hotel JAL City
  • Imperial Hotel
  • Tokyu Hotels
  • Century Hyatt Hotel
  • Price Hotels
  • Hotel Okura
Office Buildings
  • Nippon Life Insurance Company
  • Osaka World Trade Center Building
  • Sonny Head Office Building
  • Yokohama Landmark Tower
  • Bridgestone Head Office Building
  • Nomura Securities Co., Ltd
  • Nippon IBM Head Office Building
  • Mitsui Sumitomo Bank
  • BMW Japan Building
  • Dentsu Inc. Head Office Building
  • Kajima Corporation
  • Mitsubishi Corporation Building
  • Shimizu Corporation
  • Toshiba Corp. Head Office Building
  • Prudential Tower
  • Matsushita Electric Works Ltd.
  • Bank of Japan Branches
  • Yomiuri Shinbun Newspaper
  • Hotel Nikko Guam
  • Saipan Daiichi Hotel
  • Swiss Union Bank
  • University of Kenya
  • Egypt National Education & Culture Center
  • Ethiopia National Hospital
  • Shanghai Mori Building
  • Japanese Embassy of Saudi Arabia
  • Canon Dalian Factory
  • Philippine Airport
Factories/Power Facilities
  • Sony Factory
  • Honda Factory
  • Toyota Factory
  • Canon Factory
  • Tokyo Electric Power Company
  • NEC Factory
  • Nippon IBM Factory
  • Suntory Beer Factory
  • Fujitsu Factory
  • Victor Factory
Retail Stores/Restaurants
  • Seven Eleven
  • McDonald
  • Hermes
  • Denny’s
  • Lancel
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken
  • Starbucks Coffee
  • Hard Rock Cafe
  • Baskin Robbins
  • Ito Yokado
  • Tully’s Coffee
  • Aeon Shopping Centers
Theme Parks/Sports facilities
  • Tokyo Disney Land
  • Tokyo DOME
  • Tokyo Disney Sea
  • Osaka DOME
  • Universal Studio Japan
  • Konami Sports Clubs
  • Tokyo Stadium
  • Ocean Spa Resort in Chiba
  • Kyoto Horse Racetrack
  • Oedo (Tokyo) Hot Spring
Cultural Facilities
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Museum
  • Suntory Hall
  • Kabukiza Theater
  • Tokyo Big Site Exhibition Halls
  • Tokyo Opera City Hall
Hospitals/Welfare Institution
  • National Center of Cancer
  • Japan Red Cross Hospital
  • Kyoto University Hospital
  • Nursery homes
  • Keio University Hospital
  • Day care centers
  • Matsushita Memorial Hospital
  • Welfare centers
Other facilities
  • Tanegashima Rocket Launch Site
  • St. Clara Church
  • Tsukuba Space Center
  • Tsukiji Honganji Temple
  • Showa South Pole Station
  • Weather Rocket Observatory Site
  • Tokyo International Forum
  • Yokosuka US Military Base


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