Entry-level automatic cereal bar machine

Start up your manufacturing of cereal bars or produce smaller batches to test and try out new recipes.

Automatic cereal bar made simple

The SnackFix from Buhler is an entry-level automatic cereal bar machine that serves the simple production of cereal bars and similar masses. The SnackFix consists of only two main components and represents an entry-level model for bar production. The cereal mixture is continuously mixed with a binder in the mass preparation unit. After mixing, the mass is delivered to the transport belt, formed to a continuous product slab by two equalizing rollers, and is then cut to the desired product width.

The line is a perfect solution for producing cereal bars if a wide range with a throughput of up to 130 kg/hr.

Both units can also be operated as stand-alone machines. The mass preparation unit can be continuously operated.
The cross-cutting unit can be used as an inexpensive forming and cutting line.

For starting with automatic bar production, Buhler supplies more than just an entry-level automatic cereal bar production line. They provide everything – from delicious recipe ideas for granola bars to the ingredients for binder production.



  • Delicious recipe ideas to get you started making Granola Bars
  • Quick and easy binder production
  • Automatic mixing and dosing
  • Flexible product sizes – bar sizes can be varied
  • Modern control and recipe management via touch panel
  • Variable and production-suited design
Cereal Bar Forming Machine