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Showing all 15 results

Professional fermenter facilitates the brewer’s work and delivers uniform quality beer

The combined yeast and storage tank allows the brewer to assemble the fermentation and storage process into one tank. It provides more space and flexibility in the microbrewery – and much more control over the fermentation and storage process. In addition, the brewer saves working hours as you avoid unnecessary movements during the brewing process. Fermenter or unitank is short for universal tank – named precisely because of its combined function as both fermentation and storage tank.

On this page you will find the right fermenter for your top-quality microbrewery – and at a competitive price.

A unit tank is also known by the name CCT (cylinder conical tank) because the combined universal tank is cylindrical and has a conical bottom. This structure provides the right conditions for both the fermentation and storage process. The tapered bottom makes it easier to collect the residual product from the fermentation process and sort it off beforebottling.

The fermentation and storage process in the unit tank can also be carried out under pressure and with cooling. That it is much easier to control and gives a more stable quality product.

It is also convenient that our tanks are built so that you do not have to compromise on your way of brewing, fermenting and storing the beer. The idea is that the master can control pressure and temperature himself.

A tank that fits your brewery

At Bryggeriudstyr ApS our main product is, of course, brewery equipment – but that is not the only thing that you get when you shop with us. Most of our customers want to buy a solution for their brewery equipment – that is, equipment that fits specifically into the specific circumstances of their microbrewery. We deliver this when we have the prerequisites to make your dreams of your particular microbrewery with the drawing board under your arm, the good ideas and the necessary experience and knowledge. We are largely negotiating a brewery solution – not just any hardware staple. Of course, this involves products such as the brewing vessels and fermenters but it also provides advice, service and assistance with delivery and assembly.

Typically, beer from a microbrewery is the hallmark of your city and your area. It is a unique focal point often created with original thought and personal touch. We have supplied brewery equipment for micro-breweries in barns, basements and ceilings with special architectural or brewery technical requirements – and are therefore experienced in designing the unit tank in different proportions between width and height in varying sizes ranging from 50 to 30,000 liters and with alternative locations of manholes , ladder, CO2-stone, dry hop port, spunging valve, drain valve, thermo and pressure sensors and much more.

We produce the tank just as you want it.

Danish guarantee for Chinese unitank of reliable quality

The combined yeast and storage tanks are produced in China by our regular supplier. They are specialists with quality, materials and good craftsmanship – but they do not necessarily know the European requirements and the conditions of Danish microbreweries. On the other hand, we are particularly familiar with them and can thus bridge the gap between Chinese production and European demands for food handling, micro-brewing and beer brewing for large and medium-sized breweries.

Thanks to our long-standing cooperation with our manufacturers, we guarantee that you will not have to buy troublesome experiences due to cultural and language barriers – and instead be guaranteed a dealer to talk to and trust. And not least a solid product that meets all EU regulations and brewing technical requirements.