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Handheld Fiber Laser Marking System : Fonon Corporation

Handheld Fiber Laser Marking System

The new Hand-Held Fiber Laser Marking System is the industry’s first 12/24 volt hand held fiber laser system.

The standard configuration of the handheld marking system allows for many different options to meet any production need. This extremely versatile unit can be moved easily for convenient operation from any location and is capable of marking materials ranging in size from minuscule to considerably large equipment that would not fit into traditional marking systems. Additional features include ease of installation allowing for quick start-up and graphical-based programming for a minimal learning curve. Requirements beyond those listed above will be quoted upon request.

Due to the increasingly worldwide nature and importance of the optics/electro-optics industry, detector/sensors industry, components industry, and materials industry, the United States government and the Department of Homeland Security initiated a variety of programs where lasers became an essential part of present and future defense applications. In the private sector, a variety of government contractors elected to use lasers and advanced optics to comply with strict government regulations. Laser Photonics envisioned the opportunity and successfully introduced and delivered applications compatible with military standards, while continuing to perfect the use of our laser technology for future commercial and defense applications.

The Hand-Held Fiber Laser Marking System produces Permanent, Legible, Non-Removable Marks on a Variety of Materials.

The LaserTower™ Professional RT
The FLM XP Plus is a free-standing system that can be equipped with a Rotary indexer for circumferential marking or a rotary dial table for higher throughput of direct part marking. View Product Video

The LaserTower™ Desktop
The FLM Desktop is the perfect entry level system for low production requiring laser marking or engraving. The FLM Desktop is lightweight, affordable and set up is as easy as plugging the system into a 110VAC outlet. View Product Video

The LaserTower™ Professional MegaCenter™
The FLM MegaCenter is our largest standard fiber laser marking system. This system has an oversized enclosure equipped with programmable direct drive X-Y-Z linear motors.

The LaserTower™ Compact
The FLM Compact is a table top system with a small footprint and the ideal turnkey marking solution. View Product Video

LaserTower™ Professional
The FLM XP is a free-standing system that is ideal for manufacturing floors and only occupies 2’x2’ sq ft. It is a perfect system for larger direct part marking applications. View Product Video

The MarkStar Hand-Held Portable Series
The FLM Handheld fiber laser system is one of Laser Photonics' most unique systems. The FLM Handheld Fiber Laser Marking System is the industry’s first 12/24 volt handheld fiber laser system.

Fiber Marking Series Options
The FLM options offer additional capabilities and are highly competitive within the laser marking industry.

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