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Hemp Wiped Film Evaporators

[Available in Single and Multiple Stages]

  • Industrial Scale – High throughput distillation system
  • Efficiency – Designed with operating expenses in mind
  • Continuous Flow – Produces lean, solvent-free product
  • Automation – Fully automated suite
  • cGMP – Forward compliant design
  • Turnkey Installation – Comprehensive project team
  • Base Model 10L/hr – Custom designs scaling sky high

The Stellar Series Wiped Film Short Path Distillation Skid standard dual stage model does 10L/hr of throughput, has a 100L feed vessel, jacketed VFD gear pumps on each stage, American utilities, has level sensors to start and stop gear pumps for easy operation, can run programs for different parameters, and is single operator friendly. This series is designed for C1D1/2 compliance and integration into GMP facilities.


  • 5L/hr-1,000+L/hr Throughput
    • Fully Customizable Design Process
    • Comprehensive Planning and Installation
  • In-Line Single or Multiple Stages
    • Modular Arrangements Available
    • Steps Connected or Discrete
    • Create Different End Products Simultaneously
  • Automation and Programmable Parameters
    • Full Control Over All Parameters
    • Switch Between Multiple Operations Easily
    • Integrate In-line Sensing into Your PLC

Integrated Flow
Realize the time and labor savings of a single integrated system performing two countercurrent distillation passes in one seamless system with heated product lines and transferring pumps. Minimize potential contamination and maximize profitability.

Agitated Feed Vessel
Our multi-function jacketed feed vessel is ideal for decarboxylating your material and preheating it to maximize your thin film evaporator throughput. Keep your production fast, fluid, and efficient. Built-in agitation and and condenser ensures complete control over feed material.

Wiped Film Evaporator
The Wiped Film Evaporation stage utilizes an external condenser to enable efficient "light cut" operations while capturing your valuable volatiles. We maximize your throughput while minimizing the heat exposure of your material.

Short Path Distillation
The Short Path Distillation stage achieves deeper vacuum depth with an internal condenser and roller assemblies ideal for fine separations. Pull high value compounds from lipid mixtures with high throughput and fine resolution.

Programmable Logic Controllers
This integrated skid features fully automated controls, utilizing our intuitive touch screen interface. Monitor your sensor data and adjust your control parameters in an easy to learn graphical display.

Beyond the Stellar | Scaling to Client Processes
Our standard 10L/hr model is just the beginning. SciPhy Systems scales systems to your unique process, with custom designs from 5L/hr to 1000L/hr+ of throughput. We specialize in integrating these systems with our other offerings, providing end to end equipment provisioning and bringing it all together with world class turnkey installation support.

ABM Equipment works in partnership with SciPhy to deliver complete soil-to-oil systems that perform – without coordinating numerous suppliers & contractors. Questions about anything between extraction and distillation can be answered either here or at SciPhySystems.com.

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