Induction Heating Equipment

EFD Induction has been developing induction heating solutions for more than 70 years. Today, we are one of the world’s largest industrial induction equipment makers

EFD Induction has the industry's most comprehensive range of induction heating equipment and solutions


Whatever your heating needs, it is almost certain EFD Induction has the equipment to meet them. In the unlikely event we haven’t, we can sit down with you and devise your own customized induction heating solution.
This claim is backed by our range of equipment—and our decades of experience in the induction heating business. EFD Induction products range from standard heat sources, through customized solutions to complete manufacturing processes.
With EFD Induction you also gain the support of our experts in power electronics, metallurgy and process-control software. Not to mention, the rigorous testing in our own independent labs that ensure you get the very best solutions possible.
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