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Induction Heating Systems & Equipment | HeatTek

Induction Heating Systems

Our induction heating systems are custom engineered and manufactured to meet your specific needs. We look at each project individually to determine the proper size of the power supply, coil and support equipment to ensure customer specifications are met or exceeded. 

Induction heating is accomplished by placing a conductive part (normally steel) inside or near an induction coil. When power is applied to the coil a magnetic field is generated and energy is conducted to the steel components of the part. Similar to microwave heating of water, the steel components become excited. This magnetic field is converted very quickly to heat.

HeatTek utilizes this principle in processing various components in preheating or post heating applications to minimize the processing times. Induction heating equipment is sized to handle each application based on the mass and production rates of each application.

Induction Heating Equipment Modifications & Rebuilds

When process requirements change, older ovens can be modified or rebuilt to meet current design standards and increase throughput or efficiency. Changes include new conveyors, increased energy efficiency, longer dwell times in the heat zones and new controls. HeatTek will transform the equipment to “like new” conditions providing additional years of service at a comparatively lower cost.

Support Equipment and Services

HeatTek offers complete turnkey systems. Other products and equipment offered with our systems include:

  • Fire Protection Systems
  • Ambient Air Cooling systems
  • Chilled Air Cooling Systems
  • Installation
  • Startup Service
  • Preventative Maintenance Service
  • Spare parts
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