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A new invention has arrived to make delicious Kofteh or Persian Kobideh or Seekh Kebabs. It's very fast and hygienic. After a lot of research we found that most people struggle to put meat on the skewers and the result would be a disastrous barbeque experience!

You do not need to be a skilled chef to make fantastic kebabs every time with the Quick Kebab Maker from Kebab Master - This machine does it all for you!

Burger Maker

Makes fantastic burgers in 3 different sizes.
Domestic: £395.00, Commercial: £595.00

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Seekh Kebab Maker

Makes a beautiful round kebab.
Domestic: £395.00, Commercial: £595.00

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Home Kebab Maker

The 'patent-pending' home/domestic quick kebab maker makes great kebabs every time from only £395 & Postage

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Commercial Kebab Maker

Our 'patent-pending' commercial quick kebab maker makes perfect kebabs every time from only £595 & Postage

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12 Month Guarantee

All Our Quick Kebab Makers are supplied with the following:

- 12 Month Guarantee
- Plastic Kebab Moulds
- Operating Instructions

Contact Kebab Master

176 Moorside Road
Swinton, Manchester, M27 0LE
Tel: 0785 443 1068
Tel: 0758 390 7092

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