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Eddyfi Mantis 16:64PR Phased Array Flaw Detector

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The Eddyfi Mantis 16:64PR Phased Array Flaw Detector is a durable and versatile device that offers not just PAUT testing, but also ultrasonic, TOFD, and TFM technologies. The Mantis 16:64PR flaw detector is built for use in the field, with a bright resistive touchscreen and IP65-certified thanks to a reinforced casing. Despite that robust exterior, the PAUT flaw detector remains portable only weighing 8 lb with the swappable battery installed.

The Eddyfi Mantis 16:64PR Phased Array Flaw Detector also continues to work with existing phased array probes and scanners. The device also uses a PRF up to 12 kHz to ensure high inspection speeds. The Mantis 16:64 model also comes built for quick and easy analysis through the CAPTURE-GO technology. Embedded into the device, the flaw detector is now optimized for faster inspection, analysis, and reporting.
phased array ultrasonic flaw detector