Manual Churro Maker

The Inblan Manual churro maker, is designed to make any type of churros such as the straight churro, porra (an extra-thick churro) loop-shaped churro, ring-shaped churro and others, which are obtained just by changing the dough exit nozzle. It may produce up to 10 churros per cut. This churro maker is mainly featured by an innovator cutting System of churros attached to the machine, which allows us to work comfortably avoiding burnings-risk produced by oil splashes.

The cutting system is executed by a lever mechanism activated when opening and closing (making a fist) your hand transmitting this movement to a mobile carriage found at the lower part of the machine. Then, in this part a cutting wire placed at the dough exit makes two churro cuts with the same manoeuvre, forwards and backwards.

Apart from the new cutting system, this machine is equipped with a modern anti-return device of dough pressure known as cam pawl which helps us to exert minimum effort on pushing process and dough discharge.

A rack flywheel manually activated executes this process. The machine also includes a height adjustment system, which allows to fixing the most suitable position in order to making the product.

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