The Zig-zag Seed Separator functions very well to separate seeds from chaff, but also is especially good as a secondary seed cleaner where other separation units may leave debris.

Just $999, plus Sales Tax and Shipping

Includes the Zig-zag Seed Separation Box with funnel, shop

vacuum connection, pressure relief door, and magnetic latch door; Convenient 

Rolling Cart, 

Buckets (Pouring (2gal.), Seed (5gal.), and Chaff (5gal.), shipping extra). Made of durable, high strength PVC construction.

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We have a new product, the Kief Collection Unit, that collects dry resin from the chaff as the seeds are being separated. It comes with the bucket, the collection device, and a 4ft. hose.


Just $225, plus Sales Tax and Shipping

In addition, the Kief Collection Unit can double as a Pollen Collection Unit, that collects pollen from live male plants.


Thank you for visiting Mile High Hemp. Our interest in Hemp started back in 2013 when the state of Colorado legalized the cultivation, processing and sale of hemp. We learned that the hemp plant can be developed into numerous products that can replace many of the current products on the market that are detrimental to our environment and our health. Since we had always been looking for an environmentally friendly occupation, it was easy to make the next move into the hemp industry.


Hemp is a product with many uses, including Food, Livestock Feed and Bedding, Clothing, Body Care, Plastics, Construction Materials, Car Body Parts, Paper, Cord, Environmental Cleanup, Batteries, Industrial Products, Medical, Energy Fuels, and much more.


We participated early selling seed and plants to farmers interested in the industry. And eventually started manufacturing seed separation equipment, which we do today.



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